Wine by the gallon? Why, sure!

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I sent a plea out into the universe at the end of the week. A plea for blue skies and warm temperatures. After all, it is May, and this is California. And Himself and I have both decided that we suffer from seasonal affective disorder. As an optical engineer and speech pathologist we are, of course, fully qualified to make such a diagnosis. I have also clinically determined that Himself has rickets and a deviated septum, and I have marginal multiple personality disorder.

And Mother Nature decided that enough had really been enough, and between my own entreaties and those of the animals going door-to-door in the neighborhood trying to determine who had started work on the Ark, she pulled aside some soggy curtains and let beams of sun shine down upon Northern California.

It was hugely uplifting.

Since we had nice weather to play around in, and a mother/mother-in-law to share the day with, we decided to do what any red-blooded Northern Californian would do when one has out-of-town guests: we went wine tasting.

I should confess that despite our glorious, grape-bedecked surroundings, this just is not something we do often. Firstly, we have three under-aged kids, and they’re not into the whole wine-vibe when they’re not actually allowed to drink.  Secondly, we suffer from “We Live Here Syndrome,” whereby we take our amazing local geography completely for granted.

But not today.

Here is winery number one. Or, more accurately, here is the view from winery number one, which I apparently assume you will be able to extrapolate the winery from, seeing as how I failed to take any pictures of the actual structure.

Those were the views from the patio where we had our picnic.

This doesn’t suck, as we said over and over.

Here is a view of Himself and the Mother-in-Law munching on the last of the picnic fare.

I am not on a ladder. I’m on an upper deck.

The winery is gorgeous – with mediterranean gardens and water features, a rose garden and many levels of picnic tables that all overlook the valley.

No frogs in that pond that we could see, but a fair number of water lilies.

There were lots and lots of gorgeous flowers.

There was tasting. And  a little more tasting. And then buying. (To take with, not to consume there. We had to get home after all. Eventually. After more wine tasting.)

This is winery number two.

Is this not stunning?  I mean, really. When you think of stunning, assuming that you might have thought about water-wheels for any reason in the last few hours, is something like this not what you imagine? We live here and we sat there on the patio of this little winery and marveled. “How are we so lucky? Why don’t we do this more often?” We had answers to neither question.

There were bees. I didn’t even care. Much. I didn’t scream at least, and that counts for plenty.

I like this photo. Although it suggest a quiet thoughtfulness that doesn’t exist. Not the thoughtfulness part, just the “quiet” part.

And this, this is why Himself doesn’t get to handle the camera very often, ’cause then pictures of me show up. And my constitution just can’t take that very often.


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22 Responses to Wine by the gallon? Why, sure!

  1. You DO live in stunning surroundings! We always say the same when we get out and explore our area: “why don’t we do this more often?”

  2. So nice to see your face. You look soooo much younger than I expected. Plus Himself has a goatee. The Agronomist and Himself would surely be friends, discussing all sorts of goatee miscellany.

    You came by for a visit, and then I decided to edit. It wasn’t good enough for you. Do you do that? Edit after posting? Its a terrible habit.

    Just one other thing….Please send sun!

    • You say things that include the words “look” and “young” in the same sentence and you know you win lots of love from me!

      And yes, I’m terrible about editing after I post. Mostly it’s just spelling/grammar things, but every know and then I’ll think, “oh it would have been so much funnier if I’d only said it THIS way…” But then I want to broadcast somehow that it’s changed so everyone will come back.

      But I read your updated post, and laughed a few more times, but stilled enjoyed it mightily the first time!

      And I think the Argonomist and Himself would find much joy in discussing all things goatee. : )

      And as soon as I can figure out how to box sun, I will send!

  3. I may have to stop reading your blog because it makes me really homesick for northern CA. These photos are stunning…the second winery looks amazing.

    Jealous. So, so jealous.

  4. Kay sooo totally loving the picture of you. .. helloooo? If I looked like that, gazing across wine country on a totally Hepburn hat, I’d get way more snaps of me than just that ONE.

  5. As usual… gorgeous pictures. And wine by the gallon sounds way fun! 🙂

  6. At the risk of being unoriginal, I think you should let himself snap you in peaceful contemplation more often. That’s a shot taken by a man in love, my friend. Beau-ti-ful. (And yes, the wine country is very nearly as stunning.)

  7. Such stunning shots!!!

  8. Oooh . . .I really want to visit this place. Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful!! What a nice day you must of had~

    Have a blessed day today♥

  10. Can I tag along next time? Puurdy, please?

    It looks so incredibly gorgeous!

  11. Now I feel as though I missed out 🙁 I lived in Berkeley for Grad School and not once did I visit a winery! I did make it out to Tahoe, but that was during 9-11 and it wasn’t a “pleasant” trip considering the events in the East. I’m inspired, now, to return to CA with a purpose.

    • Aww…now that’s just criminal to have lived here and never gotten to do any fun tasting. I think you should follow that inspiration!

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