Why yes, I am easily amused.

We can blame the ensuing silliness on Roxane, of ย Roxane’s Days.

Because Roxane gave me the gift card.

Cause I caught the Dire Straits quote.

I knew being a dateless brain in high-school would pay off someday.

And people may or may not know that I got a shiny new iPhone.

This is BlogHer’s fault.

Cause BlogHer gave me the gift card.

Which I won in a drawing about my embarassing 80′s fashion moments.

I knew being a ridiculously dressed dateless brain in high-school would pay off someday.

So with my spiffalicious gift card, I have been buying apps for my shiny new iPhone.

I bought Hipstamatic.

I may need to go into rehab.

And I will talk about how Roxane and BlogHer were my enablers.

What Nimbus would look like as a hip 60′s rocker:

What Himself looks like as nearly 50 rocker.

Retro Cat is Retro:

They just don’t make stop signs like they used to.

The cool lotus sculpture dreams in antique colors.

Self Portrait, or “I Wish My Arms Were Longer.”

The perfect end to a day in any decade.

And since at this moment Himself is engaged in Act II of the Epic Battle Dry Rot Gulch and I can’t help in any useful way, and I am done cleaning, spackling and laundrifying, I get to take a few moments and enrich your lives with High Art.

So consider yourselves enriched.



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20 Responses to Why yes, I am easily amused.

  1. liz

    I refuse to get an iPhone. SO THERE!

    • Well, if you’re going to cut your nose off to spite your face and not take pictures of your kids where they look all green and splotchy, so be it.

      Free country. I can’t force you.

  2. Excellent I needed some enriching. I am a little sad that I don’t have that nice drink with mint though.

  3. I knew giving you that gift card would pay off someday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks so much for the mention!!!

    Hipstamatic is one of my absolute faves. See you at Betty iFord!

    • Any time, lovely lady!

      And we can show all kinds of solidarity wearing our orange jumpsuits.

      Or wait, maybe that’s prison.

      What color jumpsuits do they wear in rehab?

  4. Katie

    I spent nearly 3 hours last night playing around with all my photo apps.

    I think they are very productive time wasters… but way cool time wasters!

  5. My kingdom for an IPhone. I keep saying that!

    I love seeing your face!!! yay!!!

  6. KLZ

    You’re telling me that there is an app that automatically makes my photography look AWESOME?

    I need one. Don’t tell my husband about this app so I can impress the pants off him.

  7. Who doesn’t love messign with the camera apps? Fun post! Love the photos you took!!

    • Thank you!

      I was amazed at how GREAT all these shots looked.

      Assuming I didn’t move. Or the subject didn’t move.

      The subject was often a cat.

      Cats are loathe to stand still. At least, my cats are.

      So there were sort of maybe a lot of photos that I didn’t share.

      But there were still many great ones.

  8. I feel enriched!

    Those camera apps look like so much fun…I almost want an IPhone just to play with them.

    • I’ve only had mine a few weeks.

      I am deeply infatuated.

      Himself is moderately annoyed.

      Except, I had to live through his infatuation a couple years ago.

      So fair’s fair.

  9. This post makes me wish I was a cool iPhone owner. Or maybe I just wish I were cool, phone be damned. I just want iLife, so that when people look at you, you give off this ultra cool 70′s retro vibe. I can’t say I’ve ever wished my arms were longer though…legs, yes, arms, no.

    • This may be the first time I’ve ever wished my arms were longer.

      It was a little disconcerting.

      And you are a cool Canadian cucumber. You is awesome. No vintage filters required.

  10. Kaira

    Gah! I’ve had an IPhone for a year now (well, three…one fell into a toilet, another just gave out. This one seems dry & alive) & have completely resisted purchasing any application that isn’t free. Once I saw this post, well, I’m $1.99 poorer, my phone battery is dead, and I’ve used up a good couple of hours taking pictures of the most mundane objects that are made to look ohso retro fab. It makes life look so much more mysterious & interesting! I both love & hate it. So, thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

      Well, sort of…it’s so much fun. It’s hard to be regretful when people you like are having fun because of you.

      How ’bout this, the next time I want a mocha I’ll skip it, and we can thereby equalize the consumer mentality that we’re mostly trying to avoid by not going crazy and buying iPhone apps. Even REALLY cool ones that make every damned photograph you take look amazing.

      Even steven?

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