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Giant step.

Disclaimer: There are no points here, there is no discussion of the house or the dumpster. This is a musing (not to be confused with an amusing) post about nothing to do with dust, dirt, the cats or the kids. … Continue reading


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Flower Tour at Chez Lori

I took two years of French. I have an amazing accent. I don’t understand diddly. But while in Paris, attempting to board a train with a five-year-old, a kindly French gentleman asked me, in French, “Are you going to Disneyland?” … Continue reading


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Anyone else hungry now?

I simply can’t travel again. Too many cool things happen that I miss. Plus then there’s all the travel drama. People lose pets on planes (was it really a snake and they just told us it was a puppy to … Continue reading


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But will they forward my mail? That’s me now! Ooh look! *sigh* Fundamentally I am WAY too easily amused. Also, an excellent question was asked this week by Nixthings about the crackers from last week. “Lori,” she asks, “Why – if you wanted cookies, and … Continue reading


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Trail Blazer

A break from the funny today, although, I promise it’ll be back on Friday! A few weeks ago I wrote this post, which was a tribute to my grandmother who died on Easter. We didn’t have a funeral or service, … Continue reading


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The Top Secret World of Blogging

So, first things first. Currently ahead in the “Things That Ruined My Decorating” informal Martha Points Point Sweepstake is Kaira (sorry, no link available) with the taxidermied stuffed pheasant, followed closely by LauraK with the plastic NE Patriots Helmet and … Continue reading


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A Major Award!!

Sit down. Oh…you are sitting down. Ok, I’ll sit down. My blog got nominated for an award! No…wait…that doesn’t have quite the impact I’m hoping for. My blog got nominated for an award!! Does that convey me jumping up and down and squealing? ’Cause  I really am … Continue reading


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I’m ready for my close-up.

I believe I was always meant for the talk show circuit. In fact, just yesterday I was offering to be a guest on a fellow blogger’s imaginary talk show. I demanded an entourage, cold M&M’s, hot M&M’s, filtered water and … Continue reading


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Remembering Grandma Penny

I’m going to take a break today from the Points and the humor to talk a bit about my grandmother, who left this earth this past Easter Sunday. This is the grandmother that my brother and I knew as Grandma … Continue reading


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