Three Photos

As promised:

From left to right we have: Draco, Harry, Rosmerta (seated), Harry Potter Movie Watcher, Hermione, Tonks, and Dumbledore/Chinese Santa Claus.

Hiding in the back is one of our students, and I think she might have been McGonagall. But I wasn’t sure, plus there was the hiding and so she does not have cast billing.

From last night at Backyard Neighbor’s Party:

In defense of my hair, I reference the Star Trek Philosophy of the Alien Forehead. It’s the only explanation.

And finally: Why Nimbus is the Right Cat for the Job.


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23 Responses to Three Photos

  1. You managed to make it back, even in that shirt! Good job!

  2. Three cheers for command track red!

  3. liz

    You’re smokin hot as Dumbledore!! 🙂

  4. Okay, all I can say when I look at this post is, no one is looking at your hair, because, apparently, you won the boob lottery. No fair.

    Ahem. You look lovely. 😉

  5. Great photos and oh dear Nimbus has some claws there…eek

  6. So, I’m guessing y’all are big Harry Potter fans? ; )
    Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  7. Mother Hen has reconsidered participating in the great cat-a-poult maneuver.
    Sorry, Ms. Lori, but those claws on Nimbus do not look chicken-friendly!
    It gives her chills just thinking about it!
    Hopefully another chick will hop forward in time.
    Regretfully yours,
    Mother Hen

  8. Ha ha! Nichole beat me to it! I was going to tell you GREAT RACK!

    Oh, and nice job on the costumes too. but seriously? nice rack.

  9. I will add it here too….wow, boob fairy visited you. So jealous.

    And that cat? Could totally take out some pumpkins on a rooftop. Or an eye.

  10. Just when I thought I couldn’t love you anymore. . .

    and then you go and dress up as a trekkie.

  11. Wow. Um, so you put “anymore” instead of “any more” and it totally changes the meaning of the sentence. Let’s try that again:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more. . .

    and then you go and dress up as a trekkie.

    Aaahh. Much better. Can’t I edit my comments, dangit?

    So, did Nimbus come thru???
    I’d love to dress as Tonks one year. Pink Hair Tonks.

  13. In all kinds of synchronicity, exactly 10 minutes before I read this post, I clipped the cats’ claws. My hands are a bloody mess. Literally.

    Anyway, I have to stop this comment now before Fiance comes home and sees this. He’s already threatened to kick me because I didn’t feel like dressing up/doing the party thing this year.

    And if he sees that YOU went all Star Trek with Himself. Well, I’ll probably be looking at a life with my cats and their claws … alone.

  14. I love group costumes!

  15. Are you a trekkie? because I loved ST: Next Generation. My nerdy friends and I once did a murder mystery dinner game party with a ST theme.

    Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

    You guys have fun in that house!

    • Was that a game-type thing? Cause if so, we had that game – we just never got around to playing it!

      DAMN! It looked like fun too.

      The awkward thing here is that we are a mixed-faith household.

      I am totally TNG.

      Himself: TOS

      It’s hard sometimes.

      We’ve seen a counselor, but neither of us could really get behind him

      He was a Voyager fan.

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