This is Only a Test. There may or may not be Awesome here.

I blog on WordPress.

I really like WordPress. And I liked them before they picked my blog for Freshly Pressed, although…wow…that was fun and it did make me like them more.

Yes, my affections can be bought. I prefer to call it “a flexible, consumer-based orientation towards relationships.”

For a price list, leave your email address. Indicate clearly how much affection you’re interested in. Packages are available starting at the “Pen Pal” level and go all the way up “Desperate Internet Stalker.” Premium packages include gushing tweets a lá any Justin Bieber list.

But back to WordPress. (You people really need to do a better job of keeping me on track here. You KNOW what my attention span is like.)

A week or two ago, I noticed a new button near the scheduling calendar in my dashboard.

It says, This post is super-awesome.” Next to it is a ticky-box.

I haven’t clicked the ticky-box yet. I don’t know what will happen.

Will my blog light up and start to blink like the Vegas Strip?

Do I get a secondary title that says, “THIS BLOG IS SUPER-AWESOME. THE AUTHOR REALLY THINKS SO. THE AUTHOR CLICKED THE SUPER-AWESOME BUTTON. BUT IS IT REALLY SUPER-AWESOME? YOU BE THE JUDGE.” And then maybe it installs some nasty poling system that everybody but me gets to use.

But, I can’t stand the curiosity any longer.

I’m going to click the ticky-box.

ALERT: This is a test. This is only a test. This a test of the “super-awesome” broadcast system. In the event of true “super-awesome-ness” you would be laughing hysterically and promising yourself, “that will never happen in my house!”

Disclaimer: “In Pursuit of Martha Points” and its subsidiaries make no personal guarantee of the “super-awesome-ness” of this post. There is no warranty, explicit or implied, to make reparations to any reader for “super-awesome-ness disappointment,” or “this is so NOT super-awesome anger disorders.” “In Pursuit of Martha Points” is not a medical provider, does not play one on TV, and is not qualified to address any mental or emotional disorders that may accompany reading it. Read at your own risk. Consult a doctor if you have any chronic health conditions.

Ok….here goes…



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17 Responses to This is Only a Test. There may or may not be Awesome here.

  1. Okay so I haven’t noticed anything different, did you? LOL. I also went to locate said button and could not find it. I think WordPress hates me. Though on another note, I have yet to locate the schedule calendar so maybe, the problem isn’t wordpress but myself. Lol.

    • No…I didn’t notice a thing.

      I think what it does is put me on a list somewhere of “Arrogant Bloggers Who Think Their Posts are Super Awesome.”

      Which I’m sure means I’ll get searched more often at airports.

  2. I have an “I Likey” box on my blogger (I KNOW! I’m working on moving it to word press where all the cool kids hang) posts. I click it often. Okay, I don’t really, but maybe I should.

    Over from SITS

    • LOL…I like the title of the button. Do you click it about your own blog, or do others click it about your blog? (THAT would make me crazy insecure if no one pushed it!)

      And cooooommmmeee to WordPress, Cheryl….hee.

      I’m not sure why I picked it when I started the blog. Maybe cause I’d heard it mentioned most recently? ; )

  3. OK, I was still sort of giggling about you posting proof of cleaning products (with actual nozzles) when I read this. In the future, I will make every effort not to put a huge bite of biscuits and sausage gravy into my mouth before pulling up “Martha Points.”

    I, too, have wondered about that ticky box. Frankly, I’ve been too insecure to check it. Thanks for taking one for the team and investigating on our collective behalf. This post was indeed, “super awesome.”

    • I was hoping maybe that something happened on your end, ’cause nothing seemed to happen on mine.

      I also wondered if perhaps WP was going to spiff it up for me, you know, like a script doctor? And tighten up the language and crank up the funny. But it doesn’t seem to have done that either.

      I still think I’m on a list now somewhere of people who are full of themselves.

  4. Oh my gracious sakes alive! I simply had to pick a post and leave you a “stalker” message, after I wiped the snot and tears enough to focus. In random clicking thru blogs today I found your world and seriously think I have suffered a massive bleed deep in my guts from laughing my head off at your expense.

    Girl, I seriously think we could be long lost siamese twins secretly separated at birth! Likely surgical deficit somewhere mid skull/brain/frontal lobotomy area is my guess… FYI, don’t mean to upset you by laughing at you, just easier than laughing at myself here in my cave. Besides, riles up my cats something awful when I do that……

    Anyway, will be following your antics and enjoying every minute. How many points do I have to deduct for “idiot commenter of the day” anyway?

    • I laugh at me all the time. I certainly don’t begrudge others. : )

      And I hope that whole brain-hemmorhage-lobotomy thing cleared up the afternoon.

      • ACK!! I meant “cleared up BY the afternoon!”

        I wanted a speedy recovery! Not a free afternoon at the expense of your cortical function.

        I should just NOT be let out of the house.

  5. Lisa — I can’t seriously believe Lori would dock you Martha Points for loving her. That would just be rude. And she just doesn’t strike me as the type, lol.

    • No, of course not!

      In fact, I think I may institute a rule whereby anyone who leaves me a comment gets a free Martha Point.

      That’s a little self-serving of course, but, what the heck?

  6. LOL!!! Your posts are very interesting to read!!! Too cute!! 😀

  7. Lisa

    HA! See I think we were a frontal lobe twin for sure!

  8. *Sarah*

    I’ve been clicking the box on my blog too. I don’t know what it does but didn’t want to lose the chance to declare my potential awesome-ness.

    Found your blog through Julia at and I’m really glad. You have a new follower!

    • That is a lovely thing to hear!

      And I wish more things had a “super-awesome” box for me to check. At the very least, from the power of persuasion standpoint it’s worth a try.

  9. WordPress confuses me at times. I don’t click anything for fear of my blog home imploding! Stopped over from Julia’s! I’m a huge martha fan! I always have been, but then. . . she spent 6 minutes on her show on OUR new product! We are still sailing on a Martha cloud!

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