The state of the Lori

I am overwhelmed by my undercover operations where my outward self competes with my inside voice and tries to protect my family from overzealous overexposure. My overactive imagination forces my common sense underground so my overachiever tendencies can undermine my already undernourished sense of decorum and I end up overtly exposing my soft underbelly to the blogging underworld and can’t even remember if I’ve put on clean underwear.

And don’t even get me started on my overbite.

Whenever I start to think that I am some kind of hot tamale, reality comes hot on my heels and I’m forced to accept that in truth I am a hot mess who is full of hot air. I wouldn’t blame anyone for tossing me for the next hot topic like some mutant, irradiated hot potato.

My train of thought is clearly a wreck and I fret that the debut of my dubiously considered plans will be a debacle of demonic proportions. With  no small consternation but with little consideration for the consequences I steam ahead like a pack of wildebeest drunk on Wild Turkey. And I don’t even have the need to sow my wild oats as an excuse. Wild thing, indeed.

This is all so much sound and fury signifying nothing, but sounding boards and sound thinking seldom take the soundstage together. But there are times when you need a place to let out a little steam in order to lube the chassis, oil the gears and grease the wheels.

But you know what they say: sometimes the squeaky wheel gets kicked.

This helping of Word Salad is one course of WordUp, Yo! brought to you by Nerd Mafia, aka Liz, KLZ, and Natalie.

But you didn’t hear that from ME.


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16 Responses to The state of the Lori

  1. I’ve decided I must be vocabulary challenged, ’cause I don’t think I’ve used that many big words in all my life. Maybe we should hang out so I can pick up on some more sophisticated verbal skills.?.

  2. Oh I love me some good alliteration! I sure hope you have clean underwear…

    or else I’ll have to give you a call every morning,
    like I do my 93 year old nana,
    to remind you,
    to change those granny panties!

    And to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m ready for our friendship to move to that level : )


    • I am really hoping for there never to be a time when ANYONE has to have a friendship with me that moves to that level.

      I’ll put post-its on the fridge: CHANGE GRANNY PANTIES.

  3. Nice! I pictured you rapping that, it was dope yo!

  4. Which is why I hope you understand that when I read your blog I can’t have any distraction. No outside influences like screaming children, barking dogs, amorous husbands or UPS drivers competing for my attention.

    Usually I end up getting interrupted mid post and walk around with a big piece of your word salad stuck in between my front horse teeth and it takes me a few days to find the dental floss aka come up with a worthy comment.

  5. Your posts always make me pay attention and I usually have to read them more than once…and that’s a good thing!

  6. What the hell are you talking about here?



    • This, as anyone can CLEARLY see, is a treatise on the existential nature of composing a community based entirely in an electronic medium. Note the ironic tension between the first and third paragraphs that draws the reader into the heart of the competing social imperatives between in-person and online. And the carefully crafted metaphor in the final paragraph illustrates the inertia inherent in a static communication system that obviously allows us to conclude that society, as we know it, is doomed.

      OR, the author had taken a melatonin in oder to try and finally get a few decent hours of sleep and was way loopy.

  7. Kim

    Whoo-such a mixture of words and images. Here’s to hot messes filled with hot air! Love that! Passing along a blog award to you. Check out my latest post for details if you like to participate. Have a great day!

    • I’m just glad that the words and images did not give you a headache!

      And thank you so much for the blogging award! Lovely praise, indeed, kind lady. : )

  8. I think this is my favorite post of yours! Love the ‘debacle’ paragraph and all the alliterations. What flow! What rhythm! What literary loveliness just flows off the tongue. I say the State of the Lori is doing just fine. 🙂

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