The Negative Impact of Piles

Messy Desk, originally uploaded by etherflyer.

So this is what happens when stuff happens. I just hate that, you know?

This is one of those weeks when my life has too much life in it. Only by “life” I mean less La Docle Vida and more La Vida Loca. And by “Vida Loca” I don’t mean full of loud music,  late nights, tequila or crazy friends. No, not the fun “loca.” More the “cram 32 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day” loca. The kind of Vida Loca that causes you to stand in the kitchen, surveying the devastation, turning in slow circles and deciding that your family can eat off paper plates for the next…forever.

Monday night was deli sandwiches. Tuesday night was Carl’s Jr. Tonight Child B has a guitar lesson that requires him to spend the next several periods of the zodiac on a bus, Child C has a piano lesson, Child A has….I don’t know yet, I’m sure it will be something. I get off work at the day job at 5, have to pick up Child C and get home by the 5:45 piano lesson. Did I mention that the piano is being tuned at 11:30? I won’t actually be here. Child B will be here to let said piano tuner into the house and give him access to said piano before leaving for his epic bus journey.  So it’s safe to assume that dinner tonight will involve something out of a wax-coated box. Or a corrugated cardboard box. Let’s just say, a box will be involved. There are really no questions here. There will be a box.

And while I was playing naturalist with the migratory TootsiePops the other day, things were piling up. Literally. Things.  In piles. Piles of laundry. Piles of junk pail. Piles of unwashed dishes. Piles of cat. Piles of despair. Bitter despair, covered in cat fur and TootsiePop wrappers.

I can already tell this won’t be good.

Previous score: +13 points

  • Roughly 4,132 piles o’ various and sundry crap: -10 points
  • Dishwasher full of clean dishes: +5 points
  • Dishwasher full of clean dishes: -5 points
  • New camera arrived full of shiny newness: +3 points
  • Brain currently fully incapable of understanding new camera: 0 points (this isn’t really an MP issue, I’m just bummed)
  • Useless router sitting under desker: -2 points
  • Successfully wrangling new router from AT&T: +3 points (again, maybe not an MP issue, but hey, SCORE!)
  • Industrial-sized cable tangle slithering towards the door of the bedroom: -4 points
  • Stopping at crafts store for Easter materials: +6 points
  • Coffee cups on at least 3 surfaces that are not appropriate for coffee cups (really, why the heck is there a coffee cup still sitting on the bookcase in the bedroom?): -2 points
  • Electric blanket removed from bed (due to impending spring-ness), neatly folded, but still sitting in the bedroom instead of being transported the 13 feet to the linen closet: -2 points

Current score: +5 points

If this keeps up I’m just going to start making stuff up.

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