The Nanny

I sent out a desperate plea to some friends for help while I get Your Child Talking launched and spend some essential time on the moolah-raising for Purse and Boots. So while I’m “at work” I’m entrusting my blog to the care of others once in a while. So today I’m turning IPoMP over to the incredible CDG from Move Over Mary Poppins. She’s an ACTUAL nanny, so what can go wrong?

Hi, Kids!

Lori’s hard at work at Your Child Talking

She did the responsible thing. She hired a nanny to watch her readers while she was at work.

And by hired I mean she flattered me by asking. I’m notoriously easy. I might have said yes hoping to boot one of you ladies out of her court because she’s pretty. Just sayin’.

So, basically, I figure if IPoMP is still here when Lori gets home, what happens between us stays between us. But you’re going to have to help me clean up.

And if I serve Kraft Mac&Cheese for lunch, you have to tell her you ate vegetables. We should probably get our stories straight as to which ones. (Broccoli always impresses parents, as does asparagus.) She’s all smart – and she’s got teenagers. She’ll figure it out if we’re lying.

A good nanny has always got a bag of tricks to keep the kids occupied. I like to start the day off with an outing. If the weather’s nice, we can play outside! Let’s do chalk drawings on Lori’s driveway for when she comes home!

Wow! That’s great. Lori will love it! Hey! No! Don’t get out the hose!!!

Okay! Time to put the hose away! Um… Let’s just say we were watering the plants.

Let’s go inside for lunch!

Eat up your macaroni and cheese organic whole wheat pasta and locally grown broccoli (we’re sticking with broccoli)!

Now for some shameless self-promotion a bedtime story! What? Romances aren’t appropriate pre-nap reading?

{{YAWN! ZZZZzzzzz}}

“What a good nap we had! And what’s that? Oh! I hear it, too. Must be Lori coming home from Your Child Talking.”

Quick, everyone! Hide the Kraft boxes! Someone stash the sparkly, lavender paperbacks! Now, everyone sit quietly, and we’ll sing a song to welcome her home!”

“Keep singing, Everyone! We want Lori to know how much we missed her!”


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31 Responses to The Nanny

  1. Haha! This is awesome. You forgot to say that we ate “organically” grown veggies…or would that be pushing it 😉

    • CDG

      I’m choosing conventional but locally grown to support local farmers who might not have the means to go organic just yet. Also? low carbon footprint from shorter shipping distances!

      (when I’m not whipping the Blue Box out of the pantry)

  2. Klz

    Lori, Lori, thank god you’re back!! She made me eat broccoli!! I almost died!!

  3. I’m glad we decided to go with broccoli. I think aspargus might have been a little over the top.

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  5. Broccoli was the far better choice. Asparagus pee from kids?
    That’ll melt your chalk drawing any day….

  6. Lori, we missed you.

    She made us eat broccoli.

    It will take at least two boxes of Girl Scout cookies to make up for that.

    And maybe some hot chocolate.

    In other news, I have a sudden urge to make Mac and Cheese for my daughter’s lunch today.

  7. How much is your dirty little secret worth to you?
    Because I just might have to tell Lori about your shenanigans and tomfoolery.
    Unless, of course, I had some incentive to keep it between us.

  8. So cute! You are a good nanny. I would totally hire you.

  9. I would love for people to welcome me home with song! And Mac-n-Cheese? Is total gourmet grub in my house. I like this babysitter! More! More!

    And Lori, I’m behind here, I must catch up on Your Child Talking…

  10. I’m going to be difficult and bring my sparkly paperback to the table. But I’ll eat the broccoli.

  11. What happens when the kids like the nanny better than the mommy?

    ( I KID! I KID!)

    We miss you, Mommy Lori, but you’re doing good stuff…

    slurp slurp but this KRAFT”S EASY MAC IS GOOOOOOOOOOD!

  12. As a member of the court….

    I’M TELLING!!! LORI!!! LORI!!!!!

    CDG…ooph ::falls down after being tackled::

  13. We love our nanny! Can we back cupcakes, I mean, bran muffins tomorrow?

    Also, I think somenody put something in my sippy cup to make me take that nap… fess up!

  14. “This is the blog that doesn’t end,
    And it goes on and on my friend,
    Somebody started writing it,
    Not knowing what it was,
    and she’ll continue writing it forever…just because…”
    Mother Hen loves a catchy little ditty!

  15. liz

    Oh my goodness – another blogger who uses MS Paint to tell a story! LOVE!

    And for some reason I feel comfortable to admit my kids ate hot dogs for lunch.

  16. You’d better hope that Lori isn’t all on top of the electronics stuff and has a Nanny-Cam hidden somewhere. That would stink.

    But hey, you can watch my kids anytime! Kraft Mac & Cheese rocks!

  17. CDG

    Before I toddle off to bed, thanks for having me over here, Lori. What a treat!

    And I’m sorry about the cheese powder under your pillow.

    And tell Himself that whatever went missing… was the effing code-gnomes.

  18. Mom

    I loved the bedtime story… 🙂

  19. Melinda

    How does she get all the good nannies? Love the pictures – especially where the hose got involved.

  20. okay, here’s the thing. It’s not fair you did illustrations and set the bar so high! When I caretake here I’ll just drool and mouth breathe..

  21. Hahaha! This nanny rocks!

  22. CDG captured the voice of The Nanny with perfection. Color me impressed!

  23. Now I just want to eat some KD. I’ll pass on the broccoli. Plus I had completely forgot about lamb chop and don’t think my kids have every seen…her? Anyway, thanks for a great post. Of course Lori would find a Nanny with the perfect credentials. Graphic illustrations must have been part of her requirements. They always impress me!
    I’d let my blog be handed over to you any day Move Over Mary Poppins.

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