Shopping for Points

Buying points? You ask. Isn’t that cheating? Isn’t that just throwing money at a problem? How like our consumer-minded, anything-can-be-fixed-with-a-little-retail-therapy, commercial mentality. Instead of actually earning points the way you’re supposed to, going out and just buying them.

Lori, you are such a disappointment, you say.


Ok, yes, there was shopping, and yes I’m going to take some points for it, but I promise there’s a good reason for it, and I promise that non-purchased points are on their way.

(Why do I suddenly feel like I am trying to explain why I should get a better grade on a history paper?)

On Saturday, Himself and I went to Ikea. I love Ikea. I love all the funky, hugely affordable little goodies. I love their amazing use of space saving design. I love their little vignettes. I don’t so much love how every time I leave Ikea, I do so with a handful of leaflets about kitchen remodeling and closet storage systems that make me want to spend an additional $14,000. But those are really my issues, not Ikea’s.

Sadly, I did not find the one thing I really wanted to find, which was a floor covering for my kitchen.

My house has floor issues. I’ve been meaning to write about them. Perhaps this week. But maybe not, I have projects to share.

But today (since the projects are not quite finished and I’m not going to embarrass them by posting photos of them only half-dressed) I’m going to show off my Ikea haul.

So here’s our loot. Four martini glasses, a dinnerware set for 6, two cutting boards, two blue glass bowls, a package of tea-lights (we go through tea lights like they were Cheez-Its), a set of decorative tins (not sure what I’m putting in them yet, but hey for $2.99 they can sit empty), a decorative light, and a broom/dustpan for the deck (due to the insidiousness of birdseed).

The grand total for all these things: $67

AND..I got to have Swedish meatballs for lunch. (Didn’t eat all of them, though. Appetite is still a little off from the bustier incident.)

We also stopped at a guitar center, where I sat in the car reading the July issue of Martha Stewart’s Living while Himself noodled with a new Les Paul (that’s a brand of guitar, not a person).

Then we stopped by a salvage yard. This was a disappointment. On HGTV, salvage yards are where you find cool old doors that have been saved from barns, and old windows, and funky wrought iron. This place was…well, if there had been a dog we would have called it a junk-yard. As it was, we called it a dump with a hardware department. Although we did find a piece of copper pipe we needed.  What for? you ask. Well let’s just say that the copper pipe is going to be introduced to the Nugget Casino ashtray in a way we hope will make both of them very happy.

Once we got home with our car-load of stuff, we unpacked, washed, and then did this:

Lemon-drops on the patio.

So, when you go to Ikea and find lots of nifty home goodies for a steal, and then take those goodies and make yourself a cocktail to sip out on your patio, you get +6 Martha Points.

Which, in my case, brings my total to: +22 Points.

And I still have projects to score too!

I might….dare I say….max out the scale this week!

For which, I think, I should get another cocktail.


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29 Responses to Shopping for Points

  1. That’s a lot of loot for $67! We don’t have an Ikea here, but I’ve heard about them. Got a few projects around here too – I’ll have to check them out online. And definitely you should have another cocktail!

  2. The IKEA closest to me is 6 hours away. ::sniffles:: But when I’m in the D/FW area I always make it a point to go, if for nothing else, for the Swedish Meatballs. Nothing compares. The only problem I have there is spending waaaay too much money on things I don’t need, but oh well.

    Always go for cocktail #2. Always.

  3. KLZ

    I think you should start awarding yourself points for every drink you have.

    Until you hit 12 drinks in one sitting. If you finish your own 12-pack it’s -687 points.

  4. Those lemon drops look reeeeally good right about now! I mowed the lawn and it’s 5,000 degrees outside! Ack!

  5. liz

    You are so right about HGTV! They always have these amazing finds and they act as if stuff that great is just around the corner!

    • I have never actually seen any of these mystery yards, nor have I ever met anyone in person who has been to one.

      I think they may only be on Hollywood lots somewhere.

  6. I love that Kristin asked if you were making a bong. Priceless!

    Ikea is as dangerous as Target – I always go in not needing anything and come out after spending $100 with a shopping cart full of stuff I didn’t know I needed/had to have/will find a place for/bought because it was a good deal or on clearance!

    I love that you gave yourself points for the cocktails. That should’ve been double points in my book!

  7. You know how I feel about IKEA. I think perhaps your new blog should be called “Cocktail Points,” as I’m definitely seeing a switch in focus here.

    I have, to be fair, almost switched my name to Sangria Sojourns, for the summer. But I lost focus after the second glass.

    • Although awarding myself points for a cocktail or glass of wine SOUNDS like an easy way to rack ‘em up, the real story would be far less interesting as typically I’m a one-glass kind of gal. (The shopping though, that’s where the really allocation comes from. And I thought of you while I was there!)

  8. I adore IKEA. My favorite part is the free daycare, where husband and I drop our kids at Smaland, and then pretend we are either a) on a date by sitting in the Ikea cafeteria eating swedish meatballs or b) childless, by shopping around Ikea and planning how our empty nester fabu condo in italy or Paris might be decorated.

    I highly recommend their 49 cent dishtowels.

  9. I had my first visit to Ikea recently when I visited friends….I told them they could just leave me there for a few days. I’m sad there isn’t one near me.

    I have never seen one of those mythological HGTV salvage yards. I’m beginning to think they don’t actually exist, but HGTV stages a junk yard before pulling out the cameras!

  10. Nice! I never find anything good at yards, yard sales, garage sales, whatever. I’m still waiting.

    Nice loot, by the way.

    • What? Yes you do! You got that awesome sign that I want. (The welcome/go away sign.) Where did you get that? You have covet-worthy stuff!

  11. Definitely a second cocktail is in order. After all, you didn’t finish your meatballs.

  12. Jb

    I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. I thought your title indicated that WE would be able to buy points. (Sniff). Well, at least somebody’s happy with their drinks out on the patio. (Sniff). (Sigh).

    • I hadn’t really thought about a commercial market for points before.

      And I promise to think of you when I partake of my next cocktail on the patio. 😉

  13. I have that very same decorative lamp. In PINK! I love it and, really, who doesn’t love IKEA? Have you visited ikeahacks or whatever that site is? Makes me want to own a house and power tools just so I can make stuff. I live in a studio apartment and barely have room for myself let alone tools so, I don’t do much IKEA hacking myself…

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