Sheep Shot

Sheep have been penned up on the hillside to eat the brush. When you live in a suburban neighborhood it’s just a little odd to drive home one day and see a large flock of sheep grazing on the easements.  But we did take it as a golden opportunity to expose our kids to “wildlife.”

If I were feeling hugely creative, here are 10 things I could do with a sheep to earn some MP’s:

  1. Tie it up in the living room as a scratching post for the cats. Added bonus: grooming system for the sheep.
  2. Braid charms and beads into the wool as a way to introduce light and color into the space. 
  3. Shear the sheep, spin the wool, weave a rug. Except I don’t know how to do any of those things. I just know the words from tv.
  4. Tie the sheep in my kitchen and use it a free-standing brillo pad.
  5. Use the sheep as a rustic foot-stool.
  6. Balance a pot on its head and use it as planter. Hazard: sheep might try to eat my nasturtiums.
  7. Lie sheep down in front of doors to prevents drafts.
  8. Count sheep over and over to fend off insomnia.
  9. Pour paint on sheep use it to apply an interesting textured wall treatment.
  10. Use peanut butter to adhere birdseed to sheep.

But since the sheep ran away from us as soon as we got too close to the fence, it’s unlikely that I’d be able to capture a sheep to use for any of these purposes.

And really…the cats are enough.


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8 Responses to Sheep Shot

  1. I started chuckling right from the title!

  2. I’m so excited to find a blogger with a crazy sense of humor…on Dasher, Dancer, etc. etc.

  3. I’m thinking using them as a texturizer for the wall is definitely the best. Definitely.

  4. Uh, I don’t like the sound of that, using us as a free-standing brillo pad or using us as a planter !
    I shall contact our sister-flock over there and tell them to withdraw as volunteer sheep counters when you have problems falling asleep. This, sheep-counting is actually remote controlled by the Sheep Foundation in Eugene so, try something else now like counting MMs.

    Ramona, Head Sheep,

    • Oh dear…this is a complication I did not foresee: sheep who can read.

      But I do promise that ALL suggestions, were they to be executed, would be in the BEST of taste.

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