The Baby or the Candy?

Much like that classic story of temptation, “The Lady or the Tiger,” there was a choice before me. My adorable, one-month-old nephew (who I’d not been able to meet yet owing to the rampant plague that kept swinging through our house), or Easter candy.

You know me. If there’s chocolate to be had, keep outta my damn way or decide that you are not emotionally attached to your fingers.

So here I was…torn…how would it go?








Yeah, like there was any question.


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21 Responses to The Baby or the Candy?

  1. Wow, he’s *gorgeous*. I’ll bet he’s ESPECIALLY smart and awesome, too. 😀

  2. Nichole

    Oh, Lori.
    Oh…he is dreamy…delicious…everything I dreamed he’d be and more.

    What a blessing a baby is!
    Congrats, my beautiful friend!

  3. Don’t ask a woman in her ninth month to choose! Though, you have presented quite the argument for the baby.
    Whew, he’s a cutie! Congratulations Auntie!

  4. Chocolate.

    What! I have a two year-old!

    p.s. he is gorgeousness xo

  5. OMG, my nephew is like SO CUTE! lol=) Great blog btw.

  6. Suddenly I am hearing “Tick Tock Tick Tock” sounds. Ahhhh!!

    The gorgeousness that is that baby…..I think I better eat some candy until the “tick tocks” subside!

  7. Klz

    You take the candy so I can have the baby.


  8. CDG

    Oh, delicious babies for whom all you must provide is snuggles and head-sniffing!

    Mmmm…. in that case? Definitely the baby.

    If I have to responsible for it? I pick the tiger… er, the candy.

    Seriously? Lucky you (and lucky nephew!!)!

  9. Ruth Flagg

    Great blog and wonderful, super cute nephew. I would have chosen the nephew, too. 🙂

  10. What a sweetie! Better than any candy!

  11. liz

    Awww! Sweetness on Easter!

    Also? Those are some fancy eggs, lady! All shiny and stuff!

  12. Must every decision be a Sophie’s Choice?

    Could you have wrapped the baby in candy?

  13. That last photo is absolutely precious!

  14. Oh…what a beautiful baby. But, I mean, does someone HAVE to make a choice? Couldn’t someone, say, carefully eat chocolate while holding the baby? Not like I’ve ever done that before or anything. Not like I’ve ever wiped Cheetos off my babies forehead or anything. That would be sick and wrong.

  15. Fresh-baked human is the only thing in the universe that is more delicious than Easter candy.

    I think I could forego candy forever if I could hold a juicy new babe for an hour everyday.

  16. Ugh! How did you choose?!?!

  17. That is a tough one. I have a baby. So I’d probably go for the candy.

  18. Oh the baby wins hands down!

    Which just shows how yummy they are….we love us some candy under any other circumstances.

    He’s a doll.

  19. So SWEET!!! The baby, I mean. Clearly the candy, too. It’s a win-win, really.

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