Practice makes…umm…I dunno. Pick a word.

So, with stardom for my brilliant illustrated posts lurking somewhere close by, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to keep practicing.

Because you know I have all the tools now.

I am destined for greatness.

And if this illustrated blogger thing doesn’t work out, you know what else I have? A can of spray-paint and a bunch of virgin ceiling.

But one magnum opus at a time.

So with stylus in hand and inspiration banging on the door of the bathroom, I opened a fresh file.

So now I’m feeling pretty confident so I decide to try An Impressive Landscape.

And this would be way impressive indeed.

If, when I saved it, I hadn’t called the file “Ocean.”

Maybe I should stick with speech therapy.


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32 Responses to Practice makes…umm…I dunno. Pick a word.

  1. i think I flew in that airplane last week on my trip to San Fran.

    well done Lori, well done.

  2. You can at least draw. When I draw, even my stick figures are bad. People wonder if I have some kind of physical abnormality that makes my drawings look similar to Picasso only not so well done!

  3. I am just impressed that you actually try! I can hardly draw a line on my computer!!

  4. liz

    I really like them all! So, is the stylus a good thing or not? You seem kind of torn over your skillz at this time.

  5. KLZ

    I was thinking about you while getting ready for bed last night.

    I thought “hmmm…I wonder if Lori could make a picture of me in a wrestling singlet.”

    Now I’m afraid to ask. (That’s not true, I’m still asking)

  6. In thirty years, I totally want a horn. And a crappy logo.

    But I hope to never run into a cat-faced platypus with an unfortunate leg situation.

    That’s where I draw the line.

    • It was supposed to be a cat sleeping with its feet tucked under it. Except…it SO didn’t end up looking like that. Stuff of nightmares. I tell ya.

  7. The clouds having seizures were by far my favorite part.

  8. Cat faced platypus! I die.

  9. I don’t know…that flower looks dangerously close to any flower in my care. I’d say you’re right on target, scalp conditions and zipper volcanoes aside.

  10. CDG

    That butterfly really has had a hard life… maybe it’s been pursued by the cat-faced platypus?

  11. The comical illustrations were only outdone by the hilarious comments!
    What do you mean, “They weren’t meant to be comical?”

  12. Birds just never seem to learn their lesson about poorly constructed aircraft.

  13. Giggle.

    Also, why do you have a smiley face on your face and no nose? Unless that solves the allergy issues?

  14. As long as you’re not asking your speech therapy clients to identify the “ocean”, you still have a bright future in both careers.

  15. I’d like to request a Yeti to go with the ‘ocean’. Do you think that would be possible?

  16. Shhhhh the bee is only disguised as a fly! It is a new idea of the Queen’s to keep the workers from the other hives from knowing where the good flowers are.

    It also has to be said that in 30 years your shoulder apparently will start having moments of see-thru-ness.

  17. That is a Way Impressive Landscape. You’d better watch out, Bob Ross may come lookin’ for you!

  18. Um…that cat? Looks like it’s sitting in its own poop.
    Or something.

  19. I am impressed. I am certain they are looking for graphic illustrators at W magazine. You should just shoot them over this post in lieu of a resume. k?

  20. Oh, but can you draw a platypus-faced cat?

    I love your drawings, my dear…they always bring a smile to my face and a bit of awe and wonder at the artistry of it all.

    I would SO let you paint my white popcorn ceiling with your masterpiece.

  21. Those birds just keep getting better and better.

  22. So do we get to see/hear more about this awesome machine/tool/thingy you’ve got?

  23. Potential career option: sidewalk chalk drawings (said with a british accent) like in Mary Poppins!

  24. Pop

    Lori. Your road kinda looks like someone peeing.

  25. Destined for greatness? Clearly, you’ve already reached that milestone.

    I am also wondering if I can Photoshop me some Tammy Faye eyelashes like that. And maybe bigger boobs while I’m at it.

  26. I love your artistic…um…flair.

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