Potluck Pour Vous

Oui oui. Je ne c’est quois. Escargot.

Two years of French. Can you tell?

Potluck time. Cause I need me some easy, make-someone else do all the work, I just offer up potato salad kinda night.

‘Cepting I can’t help but notice that I’m sitting here doing all typing.

I just seem to attract the wrong kinda crowd.

Alright, let’s get started shall we?


The great unmentionables of blog searches for this blog has surfaced again. I am being stalked. Cursed. The script of the HGTV star follows me still.

Also this week: Potluck illegal Minnesota.

Now, I know I made a joke about potlucks being illegal in Minnesota, but really, I was joking. But it seems that someone is truly trying to suss out the legality of bringing-food-t0-share soirees in the Land of 1000  Lakes. Which, I was assured, is perfectly above board and no warrants should ensue.

Happy to be of service.

How to tell a cat from an alarm clock:



That is all.

Points for Y’all!

(See? I try and I try and I just can’t pull “y’all” off.)

This week’s reader points go to Stacey at Havoc and Mayhem for suggesting that the way to keep my hydrangeas blue and prevent them from turning pink was aluminum hats to keep out secret government rays.  It may not be the most practical approach to the pink hydrangea problem, but it speaks to the inner sci-fi geek in me. So for this X-Files worthy suggestion, Stacey gets +6 Martha Points.

Triathlon Update:

FINALLY! Something to share here! Five workouts: two runs, one ellip, one bike and one swim.

None of these are currently being done at race distances.

Which is something I really do plan on taking care of before September 12th.

Which, incidentally, is when the race is.

Okay campers, it’s been a blast. Please don’t leave any food over here. I will eat it. Then I will be the size of a house and you’ll have that on your conscience so really I’m only thinking of you.

As I always, always do.

So hop back over to Holly’s place and continue the Monday Potluck at June Cleaver Nirvana!


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12 Responses to Potluck Pour Vous

  1. Well, didn’t Minnesota elect a wrestler as governor?Wrestlers are known to be very anti-potluck. It could be a governmental effort.

    Of course, California elected a…well. I’ll stop now.

  2. liz

    Once you feel good with your “y’alls”, then you need to incorporate “all y’all” into your writing.

    After my jaw surgery post, I know I had some searches about dried bloody boogers, which I found highly entertaining.

    • It is so bizarre what people look for. I mean, i can see USING these words in writing, but then someone going and purposely LOOKING for them?

      Weirdness. Raging weirdness.

  3. WooHoo! I’ve got points!

    I grew up a ‘y’uns’-er (in the greater Pittsburgh area), moving south I had to switch to ‘y’all’ with a long period spent at ‘you guys’. But now, after 16 years I have to remember not to say ‘all y’all’ when visiting my home town.

  4. um…minnesota is that land of 10,000 lakes not a measly 1000! but? since you are so generous with your points, i won’t hold it against you!

    • Ooops!!

      Many many apologies! I’m from California, which is mostly desert. Two dozen lakes would seem like a massive amount to *me.*

  5. Jb

    Oh, I think you could turn off the cat, if you really try…bwahahahahaha

    • Heh.

      We do, if we’re thinking ahead, banish them to the garage on weekend nights.

      Or, just the loud one really. Cause basically, he’s evil.

      They’re both evil.

      We love them too damned much. You know, for all the evilness.

  6. I need an aluminum hat.

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