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The One Where I Don’t Get to Use the Title I Want.

Cause this is a family blog. But the fact that I can’t use the title I really want is killing me. The title I really want will  become evident in a few paragraphs. As will why I can’t use it. … Continue reading


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Shopping for Points

Buying points? You ask. Isn’t that cheating? Isn’t that just throwing money at a problem? How like our consumer-minded, anything-can-be-fixed-with-a-little-retail-therapy, commercial mentality. Instead of actually earning points the way you’re supposed to, going out and just buying them. Lori, you … Continue reading


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This Week in Martha Points

Yes…I’ve been avoiding this. I had other, more fun, less painful things to blog about. You know, like killer bees and how I infiltrated the very top levels of WordPress while wearing sunglasses and a fake mustache. And it was … Continue reading


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This is unprecedented. In my entire adult life, I have never managed this. I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried. And failed. And other, innocent lives have paid the price. I got an orchid to bloom. Of course, it was blooming … Continue reading


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What is wrong with these children?

This does not look like a child who is doing dishes. Neither does this: I must be doing something wrong. These children do not look sufficiently downtrodden. Apparently I did not create enough of a mess while I was cooking. … Continue reading


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I believe I have removed any element of surprise with the title of the post, so for those of you hoping for suspense up until the final photo, I apologize. In addition to creating irrational rules about things and having … Continue reading


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I’m just like Van Gogh.

So, for those who are counting or who pay attention to such things, I have not yet started on the home-office-clean-up extravaganza. Another example where work gets in the way of my Martha Points. Damn my compulsion to pay bills. … Continue reading


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The Martha Mother Load

First, it’s not the greatest day. 1)My grandmother passed away this weekend. She was quite elderly, and had been fading for some time. We knew it was coming, but it’s still sad and we will miss her. She was a … Continue reading


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The Rise and Fall of a Modern Bathroom

There are times when I wonder if the Martha Points compound. Like interest? When the laundry (folded, unfolded, some indeterminate in-between stage) sits on the chair day after day, should I be exponenting those points? Should I be levying additional … Continue reading


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Chore of chores.

Previous score: +5 points First, let me wax poetic for a moment about one of my least favorite household chores. Laundry. I don’t mind the sorting, or the loading into washing machines, or the transferring into dryers. Those things are all … Continue reading

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