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Points for Self-Restraint?

Last night after reading the post about the Glorious Acquisition of the Ashtray and getting to the part about how I was going to avoid discussing the master bathroom and the point-stealing black-hole that it is, Himself said, “So when … Continue reading


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Shopping for Points

Buying points? You ask. Isn’t that cheating? Isn’t that just throwing money at a problem? How like our consumer-minded, anything-can-be-fixed-with-a-little-retail-therapy, commercial mentality. Instead of actually earning points the way you’re supposed to, going out and just buying them. Lori, you … Continue reading


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Points for Peace

For restraining myself from grounding Child A until adulthood for letting his English grade slip… For not packaging up two Abyssinian cats in styrofoam packing boxes and mailing them to a random address on the Serengeti… For not throwing my … Continue reading


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Announcements and a Re-Count (No Supreme Court Necessary)

Ok, let’s see here…where are my notes? Blanche, do you have the schedules?…Blanche, these are the schedules from last semester. (Quick! Name that movie!) Despite the attempts of some people, who shall remain nameless but who write a blog called … Continue reading


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Losing Track. Or Traction. Hard to tell.

Since the beginning of May I’ve been off my feed. Off my game. Off my rocker. Let’s just say “off” and you can pick your favorite metaphor. I have weird periods of the year where the planet seems to be … Continue reading


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I’ll take my points to go, please.

I took this picture on Thursday. This is 2,280 miles from my house: This picture, taken on Saturday, is 2,350 miles from my house. For those of you who, like me before this week, have zero familiarity with the upstate New … Continue reading


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Typing in Weird Places

Yeah, the title’s just a teaser. I will explain it in a few days. Promise. I’m exhausted. And the back of my knee hurts. And I have to explain that in a few days too. I know. I’m not usually … Continue reading


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This Week in Martha Points

Yes…I’ve been avoiding this. I had other, more fun, less painful things to blog about. You know, like killer bees and how I infiltrated the very top levels of WordPress while wearing sunglasses and a fake mustache. And it was … Continue reading


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The Reckoning

I warned you all. Hide now. In a closet. With your favorite blanket and something chocolatey. Prayers, prayers might also be good. Wait, that’s not for you all, that’s for me. Except there is no closet in this house with … Continue reading


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The Rise and Fall of a Modern Bathroom

There are times when I wonder if the Martha Points compound. Like interest? When the laundry (folded, unfolded, some indeterminate in-between stage) sits on the chair day after day, should I be exponenting those points? Should I be levying additional … Continue reading


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