The temperature, that is.


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14 Responses to Plunge

  1. Dana @Bungalow’56

    You do not know how secretly happy this males me.

  2. Dana @Bungalow’56

    Umm… guess it isn’t a secret anymore, is it?

  3. I think Dana’s got a bit of spring fever? Happy to see frost in Sunny California? These are great shots, Lori…it sure has been cold here this weekend for us wimpy California-types.

    Sorry, Dana!

  4. Gettin’ some great use outta your lens, huh? Pretty pictures. Even though I hate winter.

  5. Oh, very pretty!
    Frost kissed.

  6. I’m in Nevada and we had snow Wed, Thur, and Fri plus freezing temps. The pictures are very nice.

  7. CDG

    My frosty reality doesn’t look quite so pretty.

  8. Love your photo’s, it remained close to 80 here today.
    Sunny and gorgeous …
    ok, this is good, because its time for all those freezing Northerners to head South, I have a damn house to sell 🙂

  9. I hate leaving comments from my iPhone! Freudian slip. The Agronomist was away this weekend ; )

  10. #1. What a fabulous picture! I didn’t know about that site until you mentioned it. I just redid my blog banner! Not sure if my name is a little too “HELLO LOOK AT ME” but I’ll try it for awhile. My blog has no fancy name. Just . . . drumroll: Nina Badzin.

    #2. I feel happy knowing I’m not the only using Everyone has such a fancy site. I’ve only been blogging for 4 months. The idea of plugins, managing the spam, etc, is more than I can handle (at least for now!)

  11. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. I was expecting a plunging neckline, but these are OK, I guess.

  13. So deliciously cold and pretty!

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