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One Photo Three Ways – An ACTUAL Tutorial

When I say “An Actual Tutorial,” I believe this guarantees to a degree that would make bookies drool that there is no chance that this post will then ever be linked by anyone with any actual motives to TEACH SOMETHING. … Continue reading


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Christmas In Pictures


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Merry Christmas, or How I Can’t Count to 10

So the stockings were hung draped on the couch, and the children were nestled all snug in their beds arguing over the bathroom and basically all was good. In addition to amazing food, random silliness, and the hardest crossword puzzle in … Continue reading


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No Words Needed.

We’re home. But this is where we were. This post linked to Wordless Wednesday at Live and Love…Out Loud and Five Minutes for Mom.


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Why yes, I am easily amused.

We can blame the ensuing silliness on Roxane, of  Roxane’s Days. Because Roxane gave me the gift card. Cause I caught the Dire Straits quote. I knew being a dateless brain in high-school would pay off someday. And people may … Continue reading


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I could take Candice Olsen

It’s been nagging me a bit. In quiet, unassuming ways. A little unsettledness here, a little awkwardness there. A little stubbing my toe on the bed frame, a little spilling my coffee on the microscopic nightstand… Small things that were … Continue reading


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And we’re cooking!

I actually do a mean Julia Child impersonation. It’s awe-inspiring. One thing I don’t talk about a lot on the blog is cooking. Mostly because…well…I cook really well. I don’t have to think about it. It’s easy. Which means that … Continue reading


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The Quest for the Blue Hour

Things like this keep me up at night. This, and the possibility that marauders have invaded suburbia, that the cats will evolvulate opposable thumbs, and that some idiot in marketing will pull the plug on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. If that last … Continue reading


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The Best Shots (aka – The In-Focus Shots)

A few of my favorite shots from the week. So our Minnesota friends took us to a mall. A mall? We thought, not really being mall people. But we didn’t want to seem unappreciative that we were being taken to … Continue reading


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I’m just like Van Gogh.

So, for those who are counting or who pay attention to such things, I have not yet started on the home-office-clean-up extravaganza. Another example where work gets in the way of my Martha Points. Damn my compulsion to pay bills. … Continue reading


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