People Made Real

Today is not my first blogging conference. Oh no. I have been around the blogging conference block.

Specifically, I have been around the blogging conference block exactly once and afterwards couldn’t find where I parked.

I have been around the blogging conference block and discovered that I didn’t have a map and couldn’t speak the language.

Because the blogging conference I went to was WordCamp.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were great things to see at WordCamp and the scenery was lovely and they do an awesome barbecue.

But it didn’t change the fact that I had sent myself to a foreign country without the benefit of a travel agent or an audio tour.

WordCamp is far more about the technology and the mechanism of blogging than it is about the art or the community of blogging.

But I did not despair because the same day that I registered for WordCamp, I also registered for Bloggy BootCamp.

And the day for Bloggy BootCamp has rolled around.

Today, in fact. In San Francisco.

I will get to meet some of the people I’ve become friends with through blogs and Twitter.

Today they become three-dimensional people with voices.

Today I get to hear what their laughter sounds like.

And since, you know, I’ve been around the block before I can tell them the score.

I just can’t tell them where the bathrooms are.


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13 Responses to People Made Real

  1. liz

    Oh my gosh! I’m so anxious to hear! And I would think it’s rather surreal to meet these people in real life! Have a blast!

  2. Totally wish I was going to be there to say HEY!! to you!! Have so much fun…oh, and report back to those of us stuck in the midwest.

  3. Have a great day!

    I’ll be at BloggyBC in Phila in September….want to swing by? I could use a tour guide, and as I am fundamentally somewhat shy (antisocial?) it would be helpful to have someone force me to meet people….


  4. Have a great time. And I sure hope you find those bathrooms. Makes for a really long day without them.

  5. I can’t wait to hear about the recap. Wish I had the guts to go, but I’m all shy and doubtful like that. And much better virtually, too.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  6. OhhowIwish…Being in North Dakota has it’s drawbacks, sometimes. I wish I could meet some of my fellow bloggers *nudge* and get to hear their voices in my ears instead of just in my head! (My husband says I have enough voices in my head, thanks)

    Have a great time, take lots of pictures, and get back and report all, Miss Lori! We’ll be waiting to live vicariously through your adventures!

  7. I will never be at these events.

    So say hello to Nichole (@choleJb on Twitter) , if you see her.

    She is all pestery to meet me in real life.

    Give her a hug from me.


  8. Dude I only hear about these things after they’re done. How do you know about them? Obviously I’m out of the blogging loop.

  9. You can totally tell us where the bathrooms are now! It was amazing meeting you at the conference. I hope you got more out of it than WordCamp. My head was swimming.

    • My head was definitely TIRED by the end, but I did much better at keeping up with the material than I did with WordCamp.

      There were no words that I did not actually understand at BBC.

      I needed a translator for parts of WordCamp.


  10. I’m in for the Purse & Boots! Will head to that page next.

    You’re a hoot, Lori. I loved meeting you this weekend at Bloggy Boot Camp and am your newest blog fan. You had me at Rainbow Cake!

    • You, dear lady, are a lovely thing!

      I am so thrilled to have met you!

      I have an info email to send out about Project: Purse and Boots, so I will get that to you by tomorrow.

      Today, I am drowning! It’s that having to work for a living thing. That part so gets in the way of my blogging empire. 😉

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