Or, call me Mary

I’m revising my diagnosis.

It is the plague.


In lieu of me being able to write anything worthwhile for you today, please go read my guest post over at Kludgy Mom wherein I discuss an international turkey crisis.


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10 Responses to Or, call me Mary

  1. Ick. I am so thankful I got the mild version. Feel better soon.

  2. It was nice knowing you. Perhaps one day we can be friends again.

  3. Ew. Well, ok, typhoid Lori, I hope you feel better.

    …And please don’t lick my keyboard or mouse while I’m not looking, k?

  4. KLZ

    Listen here typhoid, get yourself on a plane, and fly yourself to somewhere with people we don’t like.

    Take one for the team, I’m saying.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Please feel better and soon. This is mostly a selfish request as I want to meet you!

  6. Boo. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  7. Crap! Or, maybe that’s no longer funny, with you having the plague and all. Hope you’re better soon….

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