No Words Needed.

We’re home. But this is where we were.

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53 Responses to No Words Needed.

  1. Oh goodness that is gorgeous.

  2. Oh, I love Carmel!! About an hour and a half from here, but worlds away….

  3. Welcome back. Where’s my souvenir tchotchke?

  4. I’d prefer the ladybug or one of those pastries! Yum!

  5. liz

    The edible husband and wife dough animals were cool.

    I like the tree in the sand, but i really like the waves crashing in the top photo.

  6. That first pic instantly reminded me of Carmel…which I love and I swear when I become independently wealthy, that’s where I’m gonna live!

  7. Good lord, woman. Why’d you come back?

    (That last picture is priceless. I’ll give you $10 for it.)

    • Why’d we come back? The sad lack of independently-wealthiness.

      Tragic, is it not?

      And Himself actually took that last picture.

      Priceless it is. You’re very welcome to lift if you like. Sans $10. Or tell me and I’ll send you the full sized file.

  8. So beautiful. I love Carmel. This is the view I remember while I pumped my breastmilk powered by the cigarette lighter of a lamborghini. Don’t worry, it wasn’t stolen.

  9. AHEM!

    Why did I not get an invitation?! I’m sneaking in with your luggage next time. For real.

  10. Ooo, Carmel – brilliant spot.

    And your photos are lovely, my dear. Your calling methinks?

    – B x

    • Photography is very new to me, but I’m loving it.

      A few of those were Himself’s though. I must give credit where credit is due.

      I hate when I’m noble.

  11. These photos are great! I want to be near the water right now!

  12. Even the gull has had so much relaxing he needs a nap.
    So lovely.

  13. KLZ

    Lori, you know I love you.

    But those photos make me burn with a jealousy I can’t even describe.

  14. You took amazing photos – the last one of the seagull? Mindblowing.

    Also? Those sandwiches? Adorable.

    • The gull picture was actually taken by Himself. I don’t get to claim that one. He’s better at the “take a 1000 shots to get one good one” thing than I am.

  15. Ooh so lovely– so jealous.

  16. Oh how I miss Carmel! I knew that was exactly where you had been as soon as I started clicking through.

    I have to find a way to get done there again (really, its less than 2 hours away!) and WITHOUT the buzz kill husband. Did I just say that?

    What say you we put together a posse of NorCal bloggers for a weekend getaway?

  17. Look at you rockin that camera. The bird photo…wow! I know, I know, Himself took it. Still so many great ones, I could hear the water fountain and loved the little metal bug guy. Looked like a lovely place to visit. I now want to go on vacation without my kids. Tell how amazing it was and that I should. I will listen to you.

  18. You take the best vacation photos ever.

    Hands down.


    I get sunburned in 5 minutes as well.

    But now I want to go to Carmel.


    • The photography thing is turning out pretty fun.

      Helps to have the swanky camera, though.

      And I only decided to go there because it was far enough away to FEEL like away, but still drivable. I’d never had a particularly brilliant time the few day trips I took.

      THIS time we had a fabulous time, though.

  19. Great , wonderful pictures. Especially the seagull (I know, Himself). I love Carmel, but somehow I never get the Geek to go there and spend a few days. Grrr. You need to come over and use all your persuasiveness. I buy the wine. Lots of.

  20. And I need to add that I really like Mad Woman’s idea. I’m all for it!

  21. happy sighs.

    and also?

    jealous ones.

  22. Your photos are simply stunning, Lori.

    But I’m not convinced that the same person who brought her flash-less iPhone camera to a bar…at night…when she met Her Bad Mother…could take these gorgeous photos.

    Just sayin’.

  23. Looks like an awesome getaway. And those alligator pastries are too cute!

    • I was never actually tempted to eat one. They were too much like works of art.

      And I don’t think anyone else did either – heaven only knows how long they were in that window. 😉

  24. Beautiful!!

    And Cute!!

    This makes me want a vacation. Hope y’all had a blast!

  25. No words needed, indeed. What breathtaking photos and a great way to end my day. I’m glad I stopped by, even though I’m a few days late. 🙂

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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