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Points for Peace

For restraining myself from grounding Child A until adulthood for letting his English grade slip… For not packaging up two Abyssinian cats in styrofoam packing boxes and mailing them to a random address on the Serengeti… For not throwing my … Continue reading


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The Day We Didn’t Become the Brady Brunch

Today is a special day. Today is the first anniversary of the day that we did not become Carol, Mike, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy. (For one thing, to get that count, we’d have to include both cats … Continue reading


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This Year’s Epic Poem

My kids are incredible. I know all moms think that, so I’m in good company. They do a wondeful job on Mother’s Day with love, cards and sweet gifts. But there’s one gift I get that needs to be shared. Child … Continue reading


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What is wrong with these children?

This does not look like a child who is doing dishes. Neither does this: I must be doing something wrong. These children do not look sufficiently downtrodden. Apparently I did not create enough of a mess while I was cooking. … Continue reading


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