I’m ready for my close-up.

I believe I was always meant for the talk show circuit.

In fact, just yesterday I was offering to be a guest on a fellow blogger’s imaginary talk show. I demanded an entourage, cold M&M’s, hot M&M’s, filtered water and 7 napkins.

I would also demand to be filmed only from the right, and I would bring my own lighting people. Other people’s lighting, not to be trusted.

And as the universe reorders itself to my liking, today I am being featured on a blog! (It is possible that this has less to do with the re-ordering of the universe and more with me connecting with said blogger on BlogFrog. But I like my version of events better, and so this is henceforth how they will be described.)

Julia writes “Work, Wife, Mom…Life!” And did she grill me for this interview. She was relentless.  Geraldo’s got nothing on this woman. I was quaking and dysfunctional by the time she was done, and I confessed all sorts of things that I swore I would keep private. That time in Bali with the local merchant… the gun running in Ecuador… my part in the fall of communism. (And that was never proven. I had an airtight alibi until Julia got to me.) There was the bright lights, the sleep deprivation, the playing of Menudo at unbearable volumes. (Ok, who out there even remembers Menudo but me?) It’s not my fault that I cracked…

Julia, in reality, writes a lovely blog about the challenges of life with tiny ones while trying to earn that blessed paycheck. And she asked me some (calm, mellow, completely hysteria-free) questions about what it’s like for me as a working mom. Which I answered with uncharacteristic calm, mellow hysteria-free ness.

It was lots of fun, and far as I can tell, no geopolitical economic systems fell during the completion of this interview. *grin*

So click here and read!


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20 Responses to I’m ready for my close-up.

  1. I would really like to hear more about the fall of communism. . . 😉

    Awesome post today, btw.

  2. Wow, a star is born! Enjoyed the interview, some great points to ponder, even for those of us with older kids. Eloquent, tasteful, soul baring, honesty. Better click that awesomeness button again. Think bonus Martha points are in order as well.

    Must be getting old, thought for sure Menudo was soup…curiousity got the best of me and had to google it. Thanks for the historical education on boy bands. teehee

    Now gun running, there’s something to sink your teeth into. Perhaps your new business venture you elude to? This reader is certain you should seriously consider that book deal, would top the charts in no time I am sure!

    • You are very, very kind, thank you!

      And, well, Menudo soundslike it could be a soup, so no fault of yours there.

      And I promise the new business venture stays well within my field, and involves nothing that could even be remotely confused for a projectile weapon. : )

  3. LOL! Diva-in-training, eh? 🙂 Have you tried on different disguises so the authorities wont get to ya? 😛

    I do remember Menudo! Ricky Martin!!!!! LOL.

  4. ROFL! Love your post – love your blog!

    • You are very kind, than you!

      Come again! Bring friends! Bring martinis!

      On second thought, to heck with the friends, more martinis for us!

  5. Yes, I remember Menudo (con un joven Ricky Martin).
    I really believe your an SLP now and not just teasing me. I’ve been one for 21 years but I’ve always worked in pediatrics/in schools (so this SLP does not do swallowing). Can’t wait to hear what this business venture is.
    Loved reading about you at the other blog. It showed your more serious side a bit.

    • Believe it or not, it almost felt rude to be ridiculously funny on someone else’s blog, when that wasn’t what she asked for. I hope it’s not boring!

      And I’ve done some peds through the years, loved all of it! But, the JOB always seemed to be with adults.

  6. Oh…you SO deserve an entourage! Don’t forget the person who holds your umbrella in case of rain or direct sun. You’ll have to get some kind of tiny dog and the required Louis Vuitton carry case. It’s also important to wear the HUGEST sunglasses you can possibly locate…you wouldn’t be a true celebrity without them. I think you’re ready now. 🙂
    p.s. Great, great interview!

  7. Lisa

    Oh Lori, in my world virtually everything in my field IS a projectile weapon. Some just smell better than others ;). Good luck with the new venture!

  8. I am Oprah…in my head.

  9. I read you there — it was great!

    I’ll be back!

  10. Hold the phone, did I hear someone say you were serving martinis and “Long Island” ice tea? Count me in! Oh wow, is it 5 o’clock somewhere yet?

  11. Oh Lori, the only thing that would make this better is actual, perfectly-lit VIDEO of you with your hot/cold M&Ms. Because really, after a certain age, lighting makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Thanks for posting 🙂

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