I’m just like Van Gogh.

So, for those who are counting or who pay attention to such things, I have not yet started on the home-office-clean-up extravaganza. Another example where work gets in the way of my Martha Points. Damn my compulsion to pay bills.

But…I have a plan.

My plan involves ropes, pulleys, a small camel, a man named Murray, a sponge, tweezers, three M&M’s (assorted colors) and the carburetor from a ’73 Ford Pinto.

You will all just be so wowed.

But until then…

I wonder at the cosmic balance that FOLLOWS ME AROUND ON A DAILY BASIS. Honest to Pete (is Pete related to Murray?) it’s like karma and the great universal need for level scales has me on an ankle tracker. It must be because I’m a Libra. Except I don’t believe in astronomy.

So last week, I gathered up all my strength (because I was recovering from tuberculosis) and took a walk to use the new camera to take pictures of the pretty seasonal stream up the hill from our house. Spring rains had done lovely things to the little stream, and I was inspired to play with my new toy.

Here is one of the pictures:

And since this has some pink in it, it is bucolic. (If it doesn’t have pink it isn’t bucolic. That’s another rule. Sheep are only bucolic if the meadows in which they graze include some form of pink.)

I was pretty happy with this picture. So I decided to head further up the stream and take more.

A little track had been worn, where other feet had trod. But I didn’t want to go that way. Oh no, not me. Not the beaten path sort of girl, is I.

I strayed from the beaten path. Yes I did. And decided that the prettier picture lay that-a-way.

I walked about twelve steps through the brush towards the pretty view of the creek before thinking to look down at what I was walking through. I saw shiny, green, three leafed plants. And for those of you who don’t live in the Western states, that would be poison oak.

I am not allergic to many things. I am hugely allergic to poison oak.

Here is an illustration:

And feel free to thank me whenever you like, because I am not going to show you a photo of my poison oaked foot. Instead, I am going to show you this highly detailed and precise medical illustration I drafted in Paintbrush:

So for the sake of a pretty picture to grace my home with, I am now itchy and bumpy. I can’t wear ankle socks. I can’t shave my legs.  See what I mean about karmic balance stalking me like a crazy ex-boyfriend?

But since I did it all for art, since I did it all for beauty, I hereby award myself: +10 Martha Points.

And here’s another pretty picture, which I expect you all to really enjoy given what I had to go through to get it.

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18 Responses to I’m just like Van Gogh.

  1. It is a lovely picture!!!! So sorry that you had to go through a mess.

    PS I expanded the BlogFrog forum “woo us” conversation to include any day any time! Come on back and woo us!


  2. I’m so so very sorry for your misery. As one who just experienced a similar situation involving an internet genealogy group, several hidden gravestones, and a very sneaky bunch of poison oak, I can totally empathize. It’s the worst kind of itchy misery. I’m in week three now and have become a major contributor to the makers of Benedryl Gel. I’m not itchy anymore but I look like some kind of bazaar burn patient from my elbows down. Feel better soon!!!

    • Thank you, you too!

      And poison oak IS sneaky. And I believe there should be a government program whereby a dedicated group of horticulturalists is funded to comb the countryside and LABEL all the poison oak so that we don’t find it again this way.

  3. Oh, but it was totally worth it! Pretty pictures!

  4. picture is beautiful; drawing is hilarious.

  5. Definitely 10 points today- that spot is gorgeous! Hope the scratching goes away real soon. 🙂

  6. That picture is absolutely beautiful….so in my world it would be totally worth it, but I try not to hold others to my same level of crazy!

    My husband is extremely allergic to poison ivy…and once he got it over about half of his body, including his face. He looked like he had been beaten up for about a month. It was not pretty! The baking soda paste was his only relief!

    Feel better!

    …oh, and just to show you my level of crazy, as I was reading I just knew you were going to say that you slipped and fell and the new camera died in the water. When I read poison oak….I was relieved. Sorry about that.

    • I was SOOOOOO careful when walking around the creek. And thusly I SOOOOO carefully walked IN to the poison oak.

      I am just clever that way. ; )

  7. Hi there – stopping by to say Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I am English so have heard about but never encountered poison ivy so would not know what to look out for but have been told it is very painful. However, that photo you managed to take after walking through it was definitely worth it, that one is a keeper!

    • Glad you think the photo was worth it too. (Cognitive dissonance setting in – I now think it’s my best work ever!)

      And I lived in England for two years, working for the NHS. I miss it!

  8. Sorry to hear about your trouble but those pictures are awesome cool. Love last one 🙂
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  9. you are so hilarious! i love your writing style!!

    FYI… you will be featured for Working Mommy Wednesday on, well, Wednesday!! 🙂

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