I’m doing this all wrong!

I humbly ask forgiveness…I’m new at this.

So, it never occurred to me that if one was posting an entry about cookies (and crackers), that people were going to read it (like, for instance, you wanted them to) and then the people staring at the pictures of the cookies might be interested in the recipe.

Martha would never make this mistake. Martha would have wrapped up cookie care packages for each guest with an adorable little printout of the recipe tied to the package with festive ribbons.

I really chose a pretty  high peg to hang my hat on. Martha Stewart. Oh, and Pioneer Woman. I’m not going to feel inadequate about myself, my home, my cooking, my blog or my photography any time ever, oh no! Not me!

I should really start looking for psychotherapists now.

OH! AND…(I’ve really worked myself up here)…I mentioned Julia in my last post, cavalierly assuming that everyone would remember who Julia was, cause my blog is just THAT important and everyone remembers EVERYTHING I say all. the. time.

I should just not be let out of the house. That’s all there is to it.

So to make ammends:

The cookie recipe came from AllRecipes.com, which is my go-to recipe site, and the recipe can be found here: Best Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe. Notes: per some reviewers, we cut the sugar down by half-cup and split the sugar half-white, half-brown. Also, although delicious, they did not store well and many many of them have fallen apart (not that I have any objection to eating cookies with a spoon, however.)

Julia is from Work, Wife, Mom…Life! and was the kind soul who featured me on her blog yesterday.

And my neighbor asked if she could borrow my kids. Sure. But then you have to feed them. Not a task to be undertaken lightly.

Ok, the penalty for this horrible breach of lifestyle-humor-home-decor-cooking-catwrangling-parenting-blogger etiquette is: -10 Martha Points.

I’ll get this all down. Honest.

Thank you for being patient.

Thank you for not yelling at me (I got scolded by another blogger today. It’s left a mark. I’m psychologically scarred now.)

And where’s my cocktail?

It’s 4:47. Close enough.


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15 Responses to I’m doing this all wrong!

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!! 😀

  2. Seriously, if some blogger scolds you, shake it off. These blogs are supposed to be fun, not stressful. You can’t be doing this all wrong if you have already been featured and so many people already love your blog! So, for making amends so quickly, give yourself back 5 points (you do have to include recipes when you show yummy pictures 🙂

  3. Scolding blogger? Really? That is just wrong. Last time I checked there aren’t REALLY blog rules…just think of your recipe oversight as keeping us in suspense for another day.

    • Oh, it was my fault. Commit a use violation on *his* site, and he was totally polite about it.

      I just hate making mistakes like that. Makes me feel like tracked mud on someone’s floor.

  4. No problem. With the Alzheimer’s and all, I forget what I forgot in the last comment section. Thank goodness for Twitter, or I would never find my way back…actually I would cuz I like you that much.

  5. you have me laughing all the time! seriously. i think Martha should be reading your blog (did you see me tweet about you?)

    and thank you for mentioning me… twice. i feel loved and honored. so blessed. thank you!

  6. BackyardNeighbor

    Give yourself 5 (five) points for warning me about the feeding stuff! Forgot about that…

    And – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!

  7. Someone seriously scolded you? In a joking kind of way, right? I’m off to find that scolder. . .

  8. Heather

    You’re doing just fine! Thank you so much for the recipe. I will have to try it out tonight. You know, the reason they got crumbly probably has to do with the moisture content of the brown sugar. White sugar makes a sturdier cookie.

    • Oh duh…didn’t even think about that. How clever!

      I also noticed that one batch that accidentally got “overbaked” by a few minutes held together much better. But I don’t like crispy cookies so I was erring on the side of caution.

      May try it again with just white sugar and baking a few minutes longer.

      Cause they reeeaaaallllyyy tasted good!

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