I could just say I’m drunk.

So I did get the new laptop so I can work form more places than just the corner of my bedroom.

I was starting to hate  my bedroom.

Himself took umbrage with this.

So I got the new laptop.

It has a trackpad.

You know who illustrates on a track pad?

Hyperbole and a Half.

Yes she does.

So clearly, if I illustrate on a trackpad, I can be just like Allie Brock.

I was desperate for a role model. After months of searching, I narrowed it down to Allie Brock or that guy from the AllState commercials.

I could be mayhem. I totally could.

But I went with Allie.

So in order to illustrate on my new trackpad, I got a stylus.

Which of course I bought in hot pink.

Cause duh.

I unpackaged the stylus, opened the laptop and commenced stylusing.



This is the ensuing masterpiece.

I think it has a certain charm, don’t you?

It says something.

It says, “The artist did this using her left hand which was wrapped in terry-cloth and duct-tape.”

All the best art communicates at this level.

I’ll keep practicing.


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21 Responses to I could just say I’m drunk.

  1. Its a good start! I did not know you could use a stylus with a track pad. Now I have to try it

  2. Klz

    This makes me think of homer simpson which is always good. Huzzah for a new computer

  3. The drunken Nimbus looks like he had a gooooood time!

  4. I think we all want to be like Hyperbole and a Half.

    Awesome pumpkin!

    I’m also a fan of the practice squiggles.

  5. Real squiggles would also go all around the page, making a nice little frame.

    Well, mine would because I’m a little bit of a everything-in-it’s-place freak. ; )

  6. I literally laughed out loud at “The artist did this using her left hand which was wrapped in terry-cloth and duct-tape.”

    Hey, it’s better than me…and that would be without a track pad.

  7. I’m just impressed that you knew such things existed. Stylusing, or whatever it is that you did.

    And Nimbus is all cute looking, maybe you just drew him when HE was drunk? I happen to love you illustrations, Lori. But you may want to work some more on that barbeque one.

  8. Looks like a BBQ to me. Maybe I need new glasses.

  9. It is blueberry coffee? Perhaps coffee made with those grapes drawn beside them? Or just a blue and white mug? Your art works on so many levels.

  10. That is a kick-ass pumkin. You are so ready for Halloween.

  11. liz

    this just goes to show you how stupid i am.

    1. anytime i’ve used Paint, it was with my mouse.
    2. it never dawned on me that styluses could be used on trackpads!

    i love that a whole new world of possibilities has opened for you, lori. 🙂

  12. I have no idea what you are talking about….so I guess I won’t be doing any drawing anytime soon!

  13. You are the Jackson Pollock of Stylisizing.

  14. I never knew that a stylus could be used on a trackpad. That is genius.

    I also didn’t know that squiggles were supposed to go in the same direction….which is why you illustrate blog posts and I concentrate on becoming Mayhem. Together, we could rule the world.

  15. I also had no idea a stylus could be used on the track pad. huh.

    and i like drunk stylizing…

  16. So is that Nimbus doing the hard drinking or you?


  17. Color me ignorant too.

    P.s. I think your Paint stuff is better than Allie’s.

    Just sayin’.

  18. Those birds? You totally nailed them.

  19. Oh well, dang. I was thinking it looked better than my normal handwriting so guess I’m screwed. No duct tape involved with this penmanship, sister.

  20. OMg Thank you so much, I really needed a laugh this morning. That put a smile on my face!

  21. I use a graphics tab to do all of my photo editing and illustrating. I got the bamboo tablet for Christmas and I love love love it!!! try playing with one sometime.

    your squiggles remind me of the squiggle pen I cherished so many years ago! 🙂

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