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Dear Wonderful Readers, I’ve moved! Yep! I’ve broken three lamps and lost the flatware and everything. In Pursuit of Martha Points has evolved. It is now: In Pursuit of It All. The new RSS feed is here. I promise there … Continue reading

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Go Here.

Go here. Go here. <— Please? Go here. —> Here. Yes…HERE! Yes yes! Go HERE! (It’s all the same link. Please don’t click seven times. You’ll get a headache. And be annoyed with me.)

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When the cat’s away…

…the mice buy cheese. How I shop when my lactose intolerant husband is off on business. Umm…I may have some issues. Also. Come back tomorrow. K? Come back tomorrow. Oh, and come back tomorrow. Write that down maybe. Come back … Continue reading


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Blogging Babes with Babies

When you have a group of women… Who have a wacky hobby in common…. Give them access to an incredible hostess… And put a couple pitchers of sangria in front of them…. There’s going to be a really good time … Continue reading


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The Ups and Downs

The first house I ever owned was a little tract home with a yard the size of a piece of lunchmeat. The long hallway was lit by two absolutely uninteresting overhead lights. There was a light switch. In the living … Continue reading


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I’d Be a Wicked Good Nature Show Host

This weekend I took my life in my hands. Armed only with a cup of coffee (a disaster in its own right- we ran out of coffee creamer and tried to buy a carton at Whole Paycheck Foods, which meant … Continue reading


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The Baby or the Candy?

Much like that classic story of temptation, “The Lady or the Tiger,” there was a choice before me. My adorable, one-month-old nephew (who I’d not been able to meet yet owing to the rampant plague that kept swinging through our … Continue reading


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Giant Fireplace Doom Plumes

Is there anything in the land of home decorating that says “coziness and charm” more than a fireplace? Ok, yes, an actual sign that says “coziness and charm” would probably do better but I am known for my subtlety and … Continue reading


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MORE things I do wrong.

Once upon a time I had to be on a yucky medication. The medication, in addition to doing what it was supposed to, made me feel horribly fuzzy-brained and exhausted. And then the medical fix-it part stopped doing its job. … Continue reading


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Bear in mind I MEANT well.

It really all started as a way to commune with nature. *thump* Since it’s been well documented in the blog that I really am pretty dysfunctional at houseplants, and although I’m better with things that grow in pots outdoors, I’m … Continue reading


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