Day one!

Current Score: 0 points

Ok, so I got to start at 0 when I opened this page for business on Wednesday because I didn’t want to start in a whole the size of the Grand Canyon it seemed fair to start with a clean slate.

So let’s assign point for today:

  • Semi-made bed: 2 points
  • Bonus points for lack of cat-entrapment: 2 points (the bed wasn’t fully made)
  • One of the cats is naked (usually this happens when the big bully cat attacks her, but you know, I didn’t see this happening, it’s possible that she whipped off her collar to bitch-slap the big bully herself, but like I said, I don’t know and I still have a naked cat): -3 points
  • Jamba Juice cup abandoned on my work desk: -1 points
  • Tables still up from birthday party over the weekend: -2 points
  • Relatively clear bathroom counter: +2 points
  • Reading chair in bedroom still laundry-free: +5 points
  • Laundry still unfolded in the laundry room: -5 points.
  • Washing my hair with vinegar (Ok, I can hear some of you raising your eyebrow – yes, I can hear that – over this one. But it works. Give me a moment, I have a point and I’ll get there eventually. Six weeks ago I cut my hair short, and figured that since I was using less shampoo I could treat myself to a high-end product. I paid $22 for shampoo and conditioner only to accumulate a month’s worth of wax in my hair. Honest to God, I could have done Edward Scissorhands hair without a drop of extra product. So I’ve been washing my hair in vinegar which has resulted in cleaner, wax-free hair which dries and styles much more quickly which means I’m using less electricity and anything that’s good for the planet gets me Martha Points): +5 points
  • Hair smelling like fish and chips: -5 points

Ok, so if I add this all up, as of today I have……. 0 points


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