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Like Cats and Dogs

In today’s installment of the “Keeping Lori from Losing her Ever-loving Mind” series, I am thrilled to host my very dear friend Cheryl from Mommy Pants. Cheryl and I shared an intimate coat moment when she came up this way … Continue reading


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Your Parents Talking

This week, my very dear friend Sherri from Old Tweener is lending me a hand and taking care of my blog while I continue to figure out how to make a bloginess work. (That’s a new word I invented that … Continue reading


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So we all remember that in the absence of energy, interest, initiative or accomplishment, that I am awarding myself points for improving the quantity (if not the quality) of other people’s blogs, right? Of course we do. You all are … Continue reading


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Points for Posts

So I’m sitting here at -7 Martha Points. I don’t even remember, now, what disasters I instigated that put me here. I hope they were entertaining. And what with the typhoid induced tuberculosis (anyone else having flashbacks here?) I’ve done … Continue reading


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Or, call me Mary

I’m revising my diagnosis. It is the plague. ….run! In lieu of me being able to write anything worthwhile for you today, please go read my guest post over at Kludgy Mom wherein I discuss an international turkey crisis.


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A Fishy Tale

 The second wonderful friend who came to my rescue was the beuatiful, the effervescent (ooh, Family Word!) Natalie from Mommy of A Monster (I mean toddler) and Infant Twins.  I am so very grateful that I am surrounded by such … Continue reading


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Before and…Before?

Thank heavens for friends. Himself and I are away. Yes, away! After some super-saver scrounging we got ourselves a few days alone. There is a hotel room on the coast with a fireplace with our names on it. (Not really. … Continue reading


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