Go! Now! Part 2

One week ago I wrote a post about small steps.

I, like some of you, am not great at small steps.

I like GIANT steps. GIANT bites. Moderation is for monks.

Dream big. Go big or go home.

Yes, yes, all very well and good that that is what I want.

I also want a pony and for chocolate to have anti-calories.

I do not always get what I want.

But if you try sometimes, you just might find…

I am actually too young to be quoting Stones lyrics.

Too young for the Stones, too old for Miley Cyrus.

Does Miley Cyrus even have quotable lyrics?

So the post was a call to action for small steps. A way to tell you – and myself – that small steps are fine, and sometimes, if we are paying attention which we never are because for heaven’s sake there are children and/or insane politicians running amok distracting us!

Ahem. Yes, well, that’s why aren’t paying as much attention as we should be, but let’s get back to what we aren’t paying attention to, shall we? This is only a fifteen-minute blog.

So I was saying, if we are paying attention we will recognize that sometimes a small step is really all we need. We can find deep satisfaction between one breath and the next if we just let ourselves be proud of the small things, and make changes a little at a time.

Everything can’t be the home edition of “Extreme Makeover.”

And, if you recall, I said I was going to ask you all about it in seven days time.

And look! Here we are. How’re ya doin’? What’s new? You look bloody marvelous!

If you did not mention anything specific, I’d still like to know if you were able to find happiness with a small step.

And for those who did leave something specific

Stacy, were you able to take small steps in fun with your children and your wonderful mom-ness?

Flying Chulupa, how are you doing with making yourself the thing that gets attention and not just everyone else?

Katie, are you making peace with your Spanish teacher identity?

Gigi, how is The Project coming? (Which was not actually a small step at all!)

Mandi, did you tell any overly-opinionated people to go take a flying leap (not in so many words, of course) or at least say to yourself in a way that you were able to believe that those opinions didn’t matter?

Tim, what memories did you come up with for you mom’s birthday party?

Gina, how’s the sunroom coming?

Lillith, have you vanquished the boxes?

Casey, the cat’s yours as soon as you get here.

Brea, I haven’t checked yet – is the new blog up and running? Good responses?

Kristen I eagerly await tales of epic sand castles!

So tell me how it went.

Because I bet it went great.


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26 Responses to Go! Now! Part 2

  1. I just call me steps “days.” And try to get through them one at a time. And when the step of a single day turns out to be longer than my legs can span? Then I call my steps “hours.”

    You people are way too motivated for me.

    And if you have never listened to Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” and heard the truly inspirational words she has to offer about conquering the next challenge? You are not listening endlessly to Disney Radio.

    Like some of us are.


    Plus also?


    • Among the blessing I count in my life are NOT having to listen to Disney Radio.

      Because I am happy having never considered needing to stab my own eardrums with an icepick.

      This are the kinds of things I announce when we go round the table at Thanksgiving.

  2. And now? My small task for the day will be to not obsess about the typo in the first comment I left.

    I am letting it go.

    I am all inspiring in my serenity!

    Damn it.

    • Have I ever mentioned that the things I hate MOST about the world o’ blogging is that comment boxes do not have an edit feature?

      ‘Cause it is.

  3. I think mission accomplished. There was much sand play and swimming. I failed at catching fish but that is really not my department. Ken was here for half days this past week. He will be gone for 12-14 hours this week. I think my best stategy is no wine and to go to bed with the kids. Still aiming to be more fun.

    • I can’t imagine you being anything BUT lots of fun. But you add sand-castles and…wOOt!

      But…but…no wine?? Does it really have to be that way?

  4. Oh, I missed initial post but I love how you reached out to individuals – lovely! And so true.

    I completely agree that small steps will get you there and have a couple of examples.

    I’ve always dreamed of being a writer but found the task of writing a book daunting. And geez, it’s hard to be a writer if you don’t have a book to show for it, isn’t it? Then a few years ago, I sat down and started writing 1600 words a day, and wound up with a book, and then another. And now I am pitching to agents but also posting one of them, a fictional women’s novel, as a blog because it’s nice to have an audience while you wait for the publishing world to discover you.

    I’m also a runner. And though I don’t run races, I run five days a week and about four miles each day – for the past 15 years. I recently figured out that I’ve run over 10,000 miles in my life so far.

    Small steps, many times over, lead to big results.

    Your blog and your message are beautiful.

    • Elizabeth –

      I’m so sorry, your comment ended up in my spam filter. (I have told WP firmly that you are not spam.)

      I’m so thrilled with your small steps. As some of my small steps are also towards writing, I celebrate yours!

      And yes, I need to remember that small steps lead to big results. It’s so easy to forget, we’re so conditioned to the idea of the big and the grand.

      And running too! *sigh* Good for me, but so hard.

      You’re amazing!

  5. Actually, becoming a Spanish teacher is going great! I changed rooms, I just ordered some new Spanish-type decorations for my new room, and this week I will be getting down to the business of lesson planning! All small steps toward a bigger goal!

    • You are awesome. 🙂

      And I bet your lessons are fun.

      My Spanish Professor’s lesson’s might have been, but…we were all too busy drooling over the Spanish professor to learn them.

  6. It’s been a crazy busy week, but I’ve made some great strides. I’ve created a new chart that should help the children and I stay organized with the beginning of school. I joined our school’s community council in hopes of making a difference with some problems that have come up this year. So all in all, I consider my baby steps quite successful!

    • Wow…lots of baby steps that all add up to five mile sprint!


      And good luck with community council. When in doubt, smuggle in lemon vodka in a starbuck’s cup.

  7. The Project is coming along famously. I’m really excited. I need to put more time against it this week, but I came far this past week. Very excited. 🙂

    Thank you for asking! 🙂

  8. You simply must have like ESPN or something. I was just thinking about this earlier today. Sadly, I think I’ve taken a giant leap backward in a whole bunch of ways and one big step forward in others. (i.e., I don’t give a hoot if you don’t like my clothes or hair this week, but. . . if we got together recently, I might be going over what I said that might have been stupid. . .) oy.

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m getting back on my horse.

    • I not only have ESPN, I have ESPN2 and 3.

      And yes, get your arse back on that horse.

      Only, stop looking so damned cute in the fringy clothes. It’s annoying to the rest of us.

  9. K so I’ll break it down (ode to) Lori Martha style.

    Setting up the queen-sized bed SANS SIGNIFICANT OTHER and proper tools: 7 million points.

    Unpacking the vitals and eventually finding – and not re-buying everything including front row concert tickets and my military uniforms so that I could be dressed correctly for my duty this week: 5,000 points.

    Leaving all kinds of boxes in my room, some filled still with clothes or paperwork and some just empty, for when I recycle them all like a big reveal: -2 points.

    Thats fair, right?

    • Seven million points is a fair award for setting up a bed by yourself. Assuming that you did no injury to yourself, the bed, or any innocent drywall.

      And I think being dressed correctly for duty is a HUGE deal, yes? You can’t just say, “eh…whatever. Yoga pants’ll do for today.”

      So yes, totally fair points allocation.

  10. Blog is up and running! Well, not really running, more like sneaking – but really, it seems to be a hit, at least for the crowd it was meant for. (Too many fors, I know)

    I’ve actually gotten some really good feedback from some of my readers, and am working on expanding the contents and pages. It’s slow, but very rewarding, and I’m loving the heck out of it!

    Thanks for askin’! 😀
    P.S. If you could get on that “anti-calories” thing, I’d really ‘preciate it! Thanks!

    • Excellent! I am thrilled to hear!

      And, I’ve been working on the anti-calories for ages…I think I may be lacking some fundamental understanding of physics or I’m SURE I could make this work.

  11. Oh! Cool post! Some of these blogs I already read so I know what you were talking about, but there are a few I want to check out now!

    • Being okay with small steps is important.

      I suck at it.

      I need to be better.

      Seeing other people’s small steps helps. I feel much less slacker-ish then.

  12. Aw. This is so nice. You’re so nice. You’re, like, our own personal Tony Robbins!

    I don’t know if you remember or even paid attention or care or whatever, but a long time ago I posed this thing I found on mnmlist.com and it really reminds me of all this.

    And, even better, it really helped me get over some of those great, big THINGS that were keeping me from doing anything at all.


    You really are a motivator. If you can make a rainbow cake, I can darn sure do yoga. Three times a week. Or maybe just tomorrow.

    • I do remember that post. I liked it. A lot.

      And small steps are minimalist in nature. It’s the whole of being okay with less.

      We – as humans – need to be better about that.

      We – as humans – need to be more Leslie-like about that.

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