Flower Tour at Chez Lori

I took two years of French. I have an amazing accent. I don’t understand diddly. But while in Paris, attempting to board a train with a five-year-old, a kindly French gentleman asked me, in French, “Are you going to Disneyland?” Fair question given the five-year-old. I answered, “Oui,” (cause I can handle that much.) He replied, “Then this is the right train.” I thanked him and we all  boarded. Then, as he ended up seated next to me, he said, (still in French mind you) “Do you live in Paris?” I managed to answer, in French, “No, I’m American, but right now I’m living in England with my family.” And he exclaimed, “But you speak French!” And I wanted to say, “You now know all the French I know,” but I didn’t know how to say that.

This is just one of what I’m sure are countless stories of how a French accent can get you into trouble.

But my plan today is to show off a few pictures. From our yard. Mostly.

This is one of the  new members of the Window Box Club. We evicted the former tenants. Most of them, at any rate. One really stubborn spider plant managed to live through the winter, and despite the fact that it looks a little haggard, we figure that any living example of Survival of the Fittest needs to keep its residence. Plus, maybe it will inspire the tomato plant. But some of the other plant corpses were summarily dispatched and that made room for this…uh…this…snapdragon, maybe? (I would be so much better at this if I bothered to learn the names of the plants.)

And here we have nameless flower number two! This was an impulse buy, we were picking out flowers for pots and the window box and this little guy tapped me on the shin and said, “Buy me! I’m gorgeous! Look at these petals? Could you just DIE over my color?” And well, how could I say no to a sassy little plant like this? So he now shares a pot with a something, a whatchamacallit and a few begonias.

Oh! Oh! I know this one! This is a blossom from The Mallow Plant That Ate Northern California. We cut this plant back to its little nubbins EVERY YEAR and it just grows bigger to intimidate us. This year we forgot to cut it back, it was very close to becoming large enough to need an airplane beacon on top of it, and we asked the guys who cut and weed for us once a month to cut it back. Now, since it was fully leafed out and budding, we figure they’d be modest. That is because we are stupid. They butchered the thing, and I spent exactly eleven minutes in despair before the plant started growing thereby proving that no nasty overzealous gardener was going to get the better of it. But I love this shot because of what the sun did. And I’m sure I’ll be getting my vision back any day now.

And this….this is a sad example of more flower thievery on my part. A month or so ago I desperately claimed Martha Points for flowers of my lovely neighbor’s that had meandered over to my yard. This one actually grew through the cracks in the fence. I don’t feel so  bad for taking credit for it. I mean, it wiggled its way through a seam about an eight of an inch wide. It clearly wanted to find some space of its own, away from the showy competition of its rose brothers and sisters. So, if I can offer it sanctuary and all the ooh-ing and aah-ing it clearly thinks it deserves, then I think I can claim a meager point or two.

So let’s update, shall we?

Previous score: -1 Point

For cultivating, coaxing, buying, and downright stealing spring color into my yard, I award myself : +6 Points.

Bringing my new total to : +5 points

And MIL’s plane doesn’t even land for another 3.5 hours. Can we all let out a collective *whew!*

This post happily linked to Sweet Shot Tuesday @ My 3 Boybarians and “Tickled Pink!” at 504Main. Thank you Darcy and Holly, for creating such wonderful opportunities to share!


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36 Responses to Flower Tour at Chez Lori

  1. Well, you’ve got me beat. All I know is oui and I can count to three in French. I took Spanish for a few years and all I can do is say the alphabet. I don’t really think that’ll get me too far in life.
    Congrats on getting back to the positive side!

  2. Beautiful! If you discover some unscrubbed part of your house take your mother in law to the garden! And yes, I know all about French accents getting you in trouble. I was born with one. Now I have two children from an Englishman.

  3. The first one is not a snapdragon but I can’t remember the name. Please take some points from me.
    We also have a mallow that refuses to give up. It’s a wetland plant and grows very happy in our dry backyard.

    • Ok, I didn’t take points from ME for not knowing the names, so you are definitely safe. : )

      And I think we better keep an eye on the mallow plants – I suspect they plot to band together with the zombies in the apocalypse.

  4. I took French for two years in college,managing to answer in perfect German my first day of class (I had taken German for 6 years prior to college). Don’t know who was more confused, me or my French professor.

    Beautiful flowers!

  5. Very funny… hope your sight has now recovered. Looking forward to peeking around your blog a bit more:)
    visiting from SST

  6. I just LOVE the name of your blog, I just had to click on it when I saw your comment this morning! What a fun concept! I will definitely be following you!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to share in my SITS day today, I really appreciate it!

    • What a kind thing to say!

      But I have to say, I blame you for me not being able to get in my jeans today. My stars, those pictures!

      And thanks for coming by. : )

  7. KLZ

    Survival of the Fittest is why I let the mold under my sink grow rampantly.

    +10 points for rationalization?

  8. La rosa roja es mi favorito. And that’s about it for me, Gracias. I have about as much Spanish as you have French yet I took 7 years of Spanish. Embarrassing that as an SLP I can’t seem to pick up functional skills in another language, especially one I hear all the time down here in Tejas. I can ask where the bathroom is but wouldn’t understand what they told me.

    • I tried Spanish too. And sign language.

      I’m a failed effort in three other languages.

      But I can tell you where the red pencil box is. Especially if it’s in the bathroom.

  9. BackyardNeighbor

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying my roses! NO ONE in my family appreciates my flowers, they probably don’t even notice them (both are GEEKS !!!). Oh well, that’s La Vie en Rose (just to get the French connection…)

  10. I know the name of the first flower – I just can’t think of it! I’ll let you know after I wake up tomorrow morning at like 3 a.m. when it finally pops into my head 🙂
    Beautiful pics!!

  11. Well dang, girl! Now I wanna hear this accent! Beautiful flowers! (It snowed here yesterday. SNOWED.)

  12. SUE

    Such beautiful flowers! The pic with the pink flower and the sunshine is my favorite. What a great angle.

  13. Soooo springy. So springy, almost summery, in fact.

    Funny, I just finished taking two whole French lessons about a month ago (sadly, French lessons weren’t quite as high in the budget as, say, food). Nearly 20 years after taking two classes in high school, it all came rushing back. And now it’s gone again. Quel dommage.

  14. Too funny! Love the backlit flower!

  15. allo! sa va bien?
    and that’s about all I know!
    the flowers are all beautiful and i love the pinks and i also swWWWooon over the sunflare.. my favorite! but what i really enjoy over here is your funny sense of humor!! tres bien! ;o

  16. ps: i forgot. i also know, ou sont les toilettes? {where are the toilets?}, which is something EVERYONE should know, especially when toting a 5 yr old around. just sayin’.

  17. liz

    LOVE that photo looking up, towards the sky!

  18. Thanks for linking up again! The flowers are beautiful. I totally think you get points for anything that happens to be in your yard whether or not the roots are. I take credit for a beautiful climbing rose vine/tree/branch thing…it is planted in the neighbors yard but grows over my fence and creates a flowery tunnel in my side yard…

    I’ll have to practice my French accent for the next time I am in France…they were not that nice to us…but better than the train dudes who tried to rip me off in Italy!

    • Actually, Italy was where we got totally scammed. Watch out for waiters in Venice! We got charged TWO DIFFERENT TIMES for wine that we did not order. Good thing we were paying attention. Although my Italian is non-existant (where my French is merely horrible.) So those arguments were amusing. In a “have-a-nice-migraine” sort of way.

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