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Pitiful Points

I haven’t been tracking the points for a while (-5 Martha points) because I’ve been a little distracted  by a few things. After the Situation Under the Refrigerator, I am humbly sitting at -2 Martha Points. The fundraiser (+10 Martha … Continue reading


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Mercenary Points

Sometimes… Sometimes… Sometimes we just do things we’re not proud of. We hold ourselves up to certain standards. Tell ourselves that tomorrow, we want to be proud of who we were today. But there are times when circumstances and situations … Continue reading


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Gone, Baby, Gone

First, make sure to check out Natalie’s story over at Project:Purse and Boots. Learn wow shiny sequins can enhance your fantasy life. Second, a loving thank you to Mama P over at Keeper of the Penguins for bestowing upon me … Continue reading


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Vegetation Meditation

I’m afraid of my vegetable bin. Everything has a breaking point. Everything has that fine line beyond which more cannot be taken. I believe I am well past this point with the vegetable bin. I swear by the holiest of … Continue reading


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First, let us talk about the ways in which I am clever. Because talking about how I am clever, pretty, funny, charming or winning at a board game are some of my favorite topics. We really don’t get to talk … Continue reading


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Points de Resistance

First: Thank heavens for random number generators, as if I had to choose an entry I would absolutely die. (A ka-trillion apologies if people thought otherwise. Covered in chocolate. A ka-trillion and one, even. With sprinkles.) I have been cracking … Continue reading


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Projects, Points, Pedicures…Oh My!

Disclaimer: There is no pedicure. I just couldn’t think of anything else that started with “P.” I hope I didn’t get anyone’s hopes up… So  my plan was to write this great post about the Bathroom Project, complete with amusing … Continue reading


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At least it matches the carpet.

This is in my living room. Nobody…and I mean NOBODY…better suggest that we don’t really, REALLY love our cats. And despite the fact that is 8-linear-feet-worth-of-adoration for the furry demons that infest our home….it is ENORMOUS. And it is IN … Continue reading


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Lori and the Bee

I dream of gardens. Beautiful lush gardens with weeping willows and waterfalls where it doesn’t matter that geologically speaking I technically live in a desert. I want foxgloves and ferns, roses and rhododendrons, daisies and daffodils, bluebells and….and…damn, I’m out. … Continue reading


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I’m doing this all wrong!

I humbly ask forgiveness…I’m new at this. So, it never occurred to me that if one was posting an entry about cookies (and crackers), that people were going to read it (like, for instance, you wanted them to) and then … Continue reading


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