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The Night Before Christmas – Bloggy Style

Twas the night before Christmas and all round the blog The writers were sleepy and full of the nog. The posts were all sitting on WordPress with care In hopes that an audience soon would be there. The smartphones were … Continue reading


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Antlers All Around

Alright… Since I’ve got zero chance to win the Antler Competition (despite the UNCOMMON BRAVERY involved in the au natural photo) on my own – what with the cute kids doing their sneaky cute kid thing – I have a … Continue reading


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The Pen is Mightier than the Santa

Here is a much different kind of flashback. I am seven. It is Christmas morning. The tradition when I was a child, and the one I implemented in my own household, was that Santa brought ONE present. One. My parents … Continue reading


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The Next Assault

Ok everyone. I have a plan. You knew it was just a matter of time, right? And whoever tried to call in an increase to my prescription? STOP HELPING! So let’s review. There is Too Much Merriment in the land … Continue reading


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It is Christmas of 2004. It has been several months since my husband of seventeen years and I decided to divorce. A few weeks prior, we sat in the living room of the house he still lived in with the … Continue reading


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My great-grandmother was still alive when I was little. I called her Nina. I called her that because that’s what my mother called her, and for many years I did not realize that that’s what she and my uncle called … Continue reading


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Theological Differences

So Himself and I have been wrestling with some deep issues lately. Issues that bring into sharp relief the differences in our spiritual upbringings, the differences in our faiths and the way it shapes our view of the holidays. Differing … Continue reading


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