Chore of chores.

Previous score: +5 points

First, let me wax poetic for a moment about one of my least favorite household chores.


I don’t mind the sorting, or the loading into washing machines, or the transferring into dryers. Those things are all okay. At least in the, “Not going into full avoidance mode” way.

What I hate – really really hate – is folding. And ironing. I really hate ironing.

Ironically, I also hate wrinkles. But I never claimed that I made any kind of sense.

This is why any time my household maintenance includes any folding or ironing, I have decided to award myself double Martha Points. Because one, I need the incentive. And two, the sheer mental energy required for this task really warrants a bonus. Why do I get away with this? Because  it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want my psychology training taught me the importance of positive reinforcement.

Ok, to the points!

  • Folding one load of laundry this morning: +10 points (double award for a 5 point activity)
  • Finding discolored guacamole in the fridge: -3 points
  • Cats sticking to kitchen floor: -5 points
  • Filling birdfeeders: +5 points
  • Absence of emaciated goldfinches: +3 points
  • Watering leafing maple trees: +3 points
  • Ignoring desiccated plants in pots: -2 points
  • Bathroom wastebaskets sprouting into the subfloor: -3 points

So today’s total is: +13 points!!

I think I shall also impose a rule whereby any score greater that +10 earns me chocolate. Oh, I like that rule. Yes I do.

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