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There was a package waiting for me yesterday when I got home. I am under strict orders from Himself to NOT open any package that arrives from Amazon. But this package was not from Amazon, it was a package from … Continue reading


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The Rules – Redux

After all the lovely talk about the “cake” yesterday, I felt…I felt…ashamed. You see, it wasn’t really “cake,” but I didn’t want Child C to feel her birthday dessert wasn’t worthy. But…it just wasn’t cake. So I’m re-running The Rules … Continue reading


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Points for Self-Restraint?

Last night after reading the post about the Glorious Acquisition of the Ashtray and getting to the part about how I was going to avoid discussing the master bathroom and the point-stealing black-hole that it is, Himself said, “So when … Continue reading


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What is wrong with these children?

This does not look like a child who is doing dishes. Neither does this: I must be doing something wrong. These children do not look sufficiently downtrodden. Apparently I did not create enough of a mess while I was cooking. … Continue reading


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Migratory Patterns of the Lesser Crested North American TootsiePop

Mini Tootsie Pops, originally uploaded by stinky_harriet. These are Tootsie Pops. A tasty, convenient treat. Full of childhood memories (remember Mr. Owl?) and dye enough to turn your tongue all sort of Three Mile Island colors. Scientists have long sought … Continue reading


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Chore of chores.

Previous score: +5 points First, let me wax poetic for a moment about one of my least favorite household chores. Laundry. I don’t mind the sorting, or the loading into washing machines, or the transferring into dryers. Those things are all … Continue reading

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