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Nimbus:1 Vet: 0

The following is a true story. Imagine a cocktail of future mother-in-law, an engagement party for 50 and a pair of puking cats. What would you call such a concoction? How about an “I Don’t Care What’s In It as … Continue reading


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I could take Candice Olsen

It’s been nagging me a bit. In quiet, unassuming ways. A little unsettledness here, a little awkwardness there. A little stubbing my toe on the bed frame, a little spilling my coffee on the microscopic nightstand… Small things that were … Continue reading


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Monday Evening Potluck

Thank heavens. Because even the idea of having to cook is making me tired. I can bring leftovers to a potluck, right? Or am I overstepping the “casual” line? And is coming to the potluck in jammies bad form? Googlitis … Continue reading


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The One Where I Don’t Get to Use the Title I Want.

Cause this is a family blog. But the fact that I can’t use the title I really want is killing me. The title I really want will  become evident in a few paragraphs. As will why I can’t use it. … Continue reading


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Points for Peace

For restraining myself from grounding Child A until adulthood for letting his English grade slip… For not packaging up two Abyssinian cats in styrofoam packing boxes and mailing them to a random address on the Serengeti… For not throwing my … Continue reading


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And it’s Potluck Day!

Ok, so you all understand by now that this does not involve actual food. Unless you happen to have some sitting by your computer, in which case the big questions are, “Does it have chocolate and how will you be … Continue reading


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Monday Potluck!

Ok, I can’t tell you how desperately I need a potluck right now. Except, I don’t want to bring anything. I know that’s poor form and will cost me points, but I’m tired, everything I own is still stuffed in … Continue reading


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Typing in Weird Places

Yeah, the title’s just a teaser. I will explain it in a few days. Promise. I’m exhausted. And the back of my knee hurts. And I have to explain that in a few days too. I know. I’m not usually … Continue reading


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At least it matches the carpet.

This is in my living room. Nobody…and I mean NOBODY…better suggest that we don’t really, REALLY love our cats. And despite the fact that is 8-linear-feet-worth-of-adoration for the furry demons that infest our home….it is ENORMOUS. And it is IN … Continue reading


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Monday Night Pot Luck

So Holly, that is, TexasHolly over at JuneCleaverNirvana does a potluck every Monday. And you know, as a mom, that just makes sense. Who wants to do a lot of work on a Monday? You’re just only getting over your … Continue reading


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