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No, I Don’t Come With Bubbles

People are always so disappointed when they meet me in person. I don’t have rainbow bubbles orbiting my head. I’ve tried. The ones you blow from soap have a half-life of about six seconds. Then you get soap droplets all … Continue reading


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People Made Real

Today is not my first blogging conference. Oh no. I have been around the blogging conference block. Specifically, I have been around the blogging conference block exactly once and afterwards couldn’t find where I parked. I have been around the … Continue reading


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All Blogs Great and Small

It started with one person opening up a buggy piece of software and typing a few Times New Roman words in a blank white box. I’m making some assumptions with “Times New Roman” and “white,” but odds are on my … Continue reading


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First. For those of you who firmly believe that your chubby babies and toddlers will never, ever become tall, gangly, awkward teen-agers…I am here to tell you the sad truth. They will. It will be sad, and it will be … Continue reading


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Typing in Weird Places

Yeah, the title’s just a teaser. I will explain it in a few days. Promise. I’m exhausted. And the back of my knee hurts. And I have to explain that in a few days too. I know. I’m not usually … Continue reading


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The Top Secret World of Blogging

So, first things first. Currently ahead in the “Things That Ruined My Decorating” informal Martha Points Point Sweepstake is Kaira (sorry, no link available) with the taxidermied stuffed pheasant, followed closely by LauraK with the plastic NE Patriots Helmet and … Continue reading


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Oh, we’re off to see the wizard!

Points of order: There is no “we,” there is only me. There is no wizard, there are web developers and bloggers. There are no ruby slippers, there are sneakers. I’ve never been to Kansas. The part of Toto will be … Continue reading


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