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Ask Not-Martha, Your Points Questions Answered

Hellloooooo lovely readers! We all remember from last week that that was supposed to be Julia Child, right? Excellent! I do so love when I nail the impersonations. Welcome to this week’s installment of Ask Not-Martha, Your Points Questions Answered. … Continue reading


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Ask Not-Martha, Part 1

Welcome, readers! Today In Pursuit of Martha Points is happy to present “Ask Not-Martha!” All your burning, “How many points would I get for that?” or “How many points do I lose for that?” questions answered! Because, honest to goodness, … Continue reading


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How many points for that?

So you’ve finished hand-stamping your Christmas tags, have you? Or you’ve discovered yogurt in the back of the refrigerator from when 21 Jump Street was still on the air. Perhaps you’ve made a piñata in the shape of the Wicked Witch … Continue reading


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