Anyone else hungry now?

I simply can’t travel again. Too many cool things happen that I miss. Plus then there’s all the travel drama. People lose pets on planes (was it really a snake and they just told us it was a puppy to keep 225 San Francisco bound passengers from becoming hysterical? I think that’s the likeliest story.)  I get addicted to treats that don’t exist in my part of the country, and it rains. (It rained at home too, but I was more resentful of the rain that pounded on my head while I was supposed to be enjoying Springtime in Upstate New York.)

But one of the cool things that happened was that the Lovely Liz over at A Belle, A Bean and a Chicago Dog (which may be simply one of the Most Excellent blog titles of all time along with Time To Make the Brownies because, well BROWNIES!) bestowed her coveted “Chicago Dog” award upon me.

Here’s the hunger-inspiring badge:

The criteria for The Winning of the Dog is as follows: The “Chicago Dog: Everything But Ketchup” award salutes bloggers who have what I find to be just the right mix of ingredients…without any ketchup.  Witty, smart, sassy & true-to-life!  Sprinkle on a little sarcasm, and you’ve got yourself a true Chicago Dog award winner.

And she picked…moi!  And I…I…I don’t know what to say! (I’ve got to do a better job at not losing my acceptance speech notes at the press party. Me + ad libbing = Giant Fibs. I do things like claim that I made out with Matt Damon at the last awards ceremony and then John Cusack doesn’t speak to me for weeks!)

Embarrassed disclosure: I put all sorts of crap on my hot dogs. Mustard, mayo, ketchup, relish, onions, tomato, cheese, Grape Nuts, shredded coconut…The dog becomes principally a delivery mechanism for condiments. I’m kidding about the Grape Nuts and shredded coconut. But you know me and lists…I have inhibition issues.

So despite the fact that I might get arrested/excommunicated/shunned for the ketchup thing, I  hope Liz continues to be happy with her selection.

I know that I was happy to BE selected. And….I could skip the ketchup. Once. Maybe twice. But that’s it people!

It is possible that I have more issues than just lists. Let’s just all agree to find them charming.


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18 Responses to Anyone else hungry now?

  1. you ARE hysterical, and truly deserving of such an award! ;o
    and i’m wondering where in ‘upstate’ ny you went, as that is where i was born and raised… sigh. a beautiful time of year to be there! :))

    • We were in Rochester.

      And I’d never been to NY before. And to quell my resentment that I didn’t get to see NYC, Himself took me to Niagara Falls. Which was breathtaking and I’m sure made up for the lack of the BIg Apple.

  2. Congrats – well deserved! I think you should keep your Matt Damon make out story in your speech, it’ll make your competition even more jealous.

    • I’ve got to be careful though…the paparazzi do nasty things to my rosebushes. Ok, rosebush. Yes, fine, ONE rosebush that mostly the deer eat.

      I really need to never be given state secrets. The safety of the country should NEVER be in my hands.

  3. Happy Chicago Dog day!
    I like cheez whiz on my hot dogs but my husband won’t let me have it b/c it’s ‘unhealthy’.

  4. liz

    Super glad you’re digging the dog! You deserve it!

  5. Congrats! Now I want a chicago dog. Dang.

  6. KLZ

    I’m FROM Chicago and when she gave it to me and found out I sometimes indulge in ketchup I’m pretty sure she tried to take it back…

    Tell Matt Damon I said hi.

  7. congratulations, that is the perfect award for you. I can certainly consider your issues charming. My issues on the other hand are fodder for jokes and just plain wierd.

  8. Is this, like, a trick to lure me out of hiding since I’ve been MIA for the better part of a week? Well, guess what? It’s gonna work, my friend.

    Plug my blog and it snaps me right out of newborn-nephew-induced-sleep-deprivation. Swear to goddess. Congrats on the dog award, girlfriend. Gotta say, it’s a perfect fit 🙂

    • I KNOW you’ve been MIA for the better part of a week. Hence the “Heeellllloooooo, Laaauuuuuurrrrraaaa!” email.

      Have you got the nephew? Is that what’s keeping you from your adoring fans? Well then, I guess that’s ok.

      I will call off the National Guard.

      And thank ya,’ darlin’. : )

  9. Yes, the sister and the nephew were in town and the husband was out of town. So I was trying to juggle the whole pretend-to-be-a-single-parent-while-also-being-a-good-sister-who-helps-the-deranged-new-mother-get-some-sleep girl. Here’s what I learned: Having a baby at 38 would make me fat, ugly and old. Inside of 6 months. I swear, I don’t know how Julianne Moore does it. Oh yes I do, she has a NANNY!

    • We had 3 month old here for ONE EVENING and I was ready for Himself to head off the urologist with me saying “We are SO done!”

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