98…99…100! Ready or not, here I come!

Now I have that “Schoolhouse Rock” song stuck in my head where the guy plays hide-and-seek counting by fives.

Two things of portent today:

1. I am honored to be guest posting today at “In These Small Moments,” a lovely blog written by the equally lovely Nichole. Nichole started “Small Moments Mondays” where she’s asked some friends to write guest posts about their own special small moments, and I was chuffed to mintballs (this expression is a holdover from my UK days and it means extremely pleased) to be asked to contribute. So, be sure to hop over there to read.

2. This is my 100th post.

It would be really awesome if right after you read that sentence, balloons fell from your ceiling, confetti scattered across your monitor, and a small, prairie dog marching-band hot-footed across your screen playing “Seventy-six Trombones.”

Sadly, I lack the mad-coding skillz necessary to make that happen. Particularly the balloons falling from your ceiling part. But wouldn’t that have been amazing?

Take a moment now and imagine it. If you wanted to hum a few bars from The Music Man that would be great too.

I’ve never had a parade in my honor before. Someday.

And I will wear a tiara.

So In Pursuit of Martha Points is 100 posts old. That’s 3,067 in blog years.

And in the spirit of introspection that so often accompanies a milestone of some sort, I am thinking about the blog.

I am thinking about the blogosphere.

I am thinking about people I’ve “met” and become friends with.

I’m thinking about some of the incredible writing I’ve found, I’m thinking about some of the outrageous humor I’ve found.

I’m hoping that I’ve contributed some incredible writing and outrageous humor, but I have no perspective upon which to stand to decide.

I’m thinking about my voice here, and how I write. I’m thinking about what I write and what I have to say that goes unsaid.

I’m reflecting on the process that brought me to this blog and this topic.

And I’m thinking that if I actually wrote out all those thoughts on this here post that you’d all be rapidly clicking over to “Joe-Bob’s Blog o’ Drying Paint.”

So I won’t subject you to all that.

Instead, I will update my points.

Previous Score: +10 points

  • Starting the blog at all: +10 points
  • Often forgetting the whole points thing I started the blog over: -4 points
  • “Discovering” 1001 incredible blogs to read: +12 points
  • For never, ever getting to read and comment the way I want: -15 points
  • Giving away a mug: +5 points
  • Only having one mug to give away: -7 points
  • Inspiring the best Mug Brawl in the history of ceramics: +10 points
  • Subjecting myself, my family, my home and my pets much mockery and copious chronicling:….uh…ummm…I’m not sure if that’s a positive or a negative.

Bringing my new total to: +21 points.

And to each of you who read, who make me laugh with your comments, your own blogs and your tweets….+25 Martha Points.

Because I’m sure Martha agrees that humor, love and camaraderie are all Good Things.

And don’t forget the hopping.


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62 Responses to 98…99…100! Ready or not, here I come!

  1. I don’t often get to comment, because when I read your posts, it’s always at work since you post so darn early [which in itself deserves points, no?].

    And though my employer is pretty cool, my company is a satellite company for the Washington Post [sounds so much cooler in my head, really] and they kind of frown upon the whole -blogging at work- thing. Pshaw. So if they see WP in my history…they’ll cut off an appendage. I like a clean record, and all my fingers and toes, so I try to adhere.

    And my home life is too busy to add the internet or email to. Not that I do anything special, because God knows watching my girl play Dragon Age isn’t very special to some. Or making a budget. Or planning out my future room.

    I am very glad to subscribe, and pretend that I am reading an important work email whilst I read your posts cleverly disguised as emails from WP.

    I think that, though this is definitely going to put me even closer to the firey gates, it’s like eating ice cream just because it’s good.

    So thank you for the bad karma points, wasted work time and random laughs. They really are a bright spot on a day like a Monday.


    • I applaud your crafty approach to infiltrating the blogosphere! Truly, you hit pretty high on the sneaky meter!

      And you are absolutely forbidden to lose any appendages over any blogs. Even The Bloggess. Or Pioneer Woman. Forbidden!

      But I appreciate so much the risk you took in sharing kind words with me.

      And I’m glad in big, giant, huge ways that I make you laugh.

  2. I’ll admit you got me interested with that damn mug, but of all the gazillion blogs that are out there….yours my dear is one of my very favorites. Congrats on the 100th post. Are you counting the one by himself? Because then it would only be 99.

    • You are lovely, and you crack me up so much.

      San Diego, HO!!!!!

      (That sounds a lot different now, I think, than when people in covered wagons said it.)

  3. Congrats on your 100th post! I’ve so enjoyed your blog and I love your humor! Keep writing!

  4. What an awesome milestone – well done sticking with it! And we’re all terribly glad, as the Internet would be a slightly less cool place without you in it.

  5. KLZ

    I love you and wish I’d been around to read all 100 posts.

    I’m still upset about the mug though. I want that mug. Who has it again? And where does she live?

    • Tracie, wisely, has gone into the Mugness Relocation Program.

      It seemed the best thing to do.

      And love you too, girl…you is one of my bloggy peeps!

  6. I have balloons here and an old noise maker I’m blowing, but I just end up making spit bubbles with it. So instead I’ve decided to sing you a happy blog song, to the tune of 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Its very festive here at Bungalow’56 because of you. We are painting our daughters room to celebrate, with lots of balloon like colours. The Agronomist is a little grumpy because of this, but he would do anything to gain some of your Martha Points. He’s very goal oriented. Thank you for this. A Canadian friend who is so glad she stopped by one day on a cold April morning.

    • I think spit on monitors is negative Martha Points, so I think it is wise to stick with the happy blog song.

      And I am very very happy you stopped by that cold April morning.

      I love April now. 🙂

      PS – The Argonomist totally gets points for painting. Painting is HARD.

  7. Congratulations! Having only started blogging a few weeks ago, the thought of writing 100 posts makes me feel slightly insane. And, I may go insane trying to do it. But, I’m glad you did, and are (hopefully) not insane. Love, love, love the blog!

    • Not to worry, us insane folks are the most fun to be around!

      And I am so glad you are one with the love. This is my most fervent hope!

      PS – Read your blog today and it’s damned funny! Could you perhaps be a little less funny so i still look good?

  8. Isn’t blogging grand? It’s great how it brings you together with all these interesting people. I’m glad to have connected with you and keep up the good work!

  9. Happy 100 post day! We will sing and dance to some showtunes later in your honour. And there will be tiara’s.

  10. Congrats on your 100th post!
    I can’t tell you how many times you have set the tone for my day with your posts.
    You never fail to make me smile and I love knowing that I can pop over here for a visit. 🙂

    Keep the posts coming, my friend; I’m cozy here.

  11. You know it’s funny, when I got midway through your post, balloons and sparkalies fell from the sky. And you know what I thought? Great, guess I need to clean…
    Congrats on post 100!

    • That is the actual bummer of the balloons and sparkelies.

      Himself’s mom puts confetti in all the cards she sends us.

      Until we told her she risked killing our cats.

      Then she stopped. She likes our cats.

      We keep offering her the cats.

      To date, she has steadfastly declined.

      Smart lady.

  12. Kate@and then kate

    Congrats! A hundred posts is quite an accomplishment.

    For 200 posts, you should really go with a bowling party. Everyone loves a good bowling party.

  13. Happy 100th! Just thought I’d stop by and say I like your blog, hence I like you.

    Anyone who documents the destruction of a mammoth hot tub gets major “Martha points.”

    • Thank you ma’am, and I like people who like my blog!

      So we are a very good fit!

      And the points for the hot tub are in abeyance until we repair the siding where the hot tub used to live.

      ‘Cause right now it ain’t a pretty sight.

  14. Child C

    I LOVED the guest post. I was cracking up remembering that conversation. It was one of the better ones, I must say. 🙂

  15. You go girl. I am totally blowing up balloons and making confetti over here so I can recreate the feel for your 100th.

  16. Yay! I found this blog on it’s 100th post! Confetti and balloons really DID fall from the ceiling in my dinning room where my laptop and I are!!! And um how fitting that I find this after I just wrote a big ole non-funny reflective blah about how I feel about this new love of writing. And here you are getting all warm fuzzy about it too. You? are now in the google reader. Be ready. I’m a fan.

    • An auspicious occasion to find a blog!

      I bet that’s kismet.

      And I love being in people’s readers.

      And I love how that sentence would have been bizarrely meaningless a couple of years ago.

  17. Yeah, I reallly wanted that mug, just like KLZ. I’m pissed, still.

    But not so pissed as to stop reading you or anything. After all, you were one of the first blogs that I said, “that’s a standout brilliant blog.” Cuz, I’m judge and jury of all things standout and brilliant.

    Congrats on your 100th post. I’m sending a virtual epic rainbow cake, a fabulous virtual bottle of wine, and a virtual singing telegram delivered by a guy in a banana hammock.

  18. So, I’m blowing up balloons in your honor…of course they are tiny water balloons, and I bought them at the dollar store, and half of them are already broken, and quite honestly I was blowing them up before I even checked in on your blog but +10 points for honesty, right? Huge congrats on your 100th post!!! 🙂

  19. Kim

    Maybe by the time you hit 200 posts, you’ll have figured out the whole dropping-balloons-from-the-ceiling thing. It is at least a worthy goal 🙂 Because I would truly love to have balloons dropping from my ceiling. Just not red, white or blue ones because I don’t want to get confused and think I’m at a political convention. (I confuse easily)

    I tried humming the music you suggested but it didn’t sound anything like what it was supposed to — more like mournful bagpipes out of tune. Or maybe screeching rodents on fire. Kind of took some of the celebratory feeling out of it for me.

    So then I thought of you in a tiara and immediately felt better. Of course I don’t have any idea what you look like but I’m picturing you as a Helen Hunt lookalike.

    Anyway, just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Thank you, thank you, kind and lovely miss!

      I will do my best for rainbow colored balloon droppings…ummm…wait, that didn’t come out quite right… balloon droppage? That MIGHT be better… by post 200!

      And if you picture me as Helen Hunt I love you forever!

      And we can work on your humming together. It’ll gel eventually. 😉

  20. liz

    OK, so you should get minus seventyhundred points for only having 1 mug.

    Also, you should get eleventythousand points for having the greatest mugbrawl E.V.E.R.

    • You have mastered the ways of the imaginary number, grasshoppah…

      Seventyhundred AND eleventythousand?

      True mastery. Mastery, I tell you.

  21. Craig

    Okay, so balloons didn’t fall from the ceiling…..but we’ve still got balloons ALL over the house!?! They’re from either late May or early June, depending upon which party…..and both my daughter & wife won’t let them go – does that count?!?

    Seriously, congrats on the 100th post and thank you again for being a friend to my family!!

  22. yay for 100!! may you have a million more. oh crap, that’s a lot of posts…

  23. Congratulations! 100 posts – amazing!

    You need more points? Carter will give you more, I bet. I’ll ask him in the morning. He loves loves loves your header, so count on adding at least a 93 twenty to your tally.

  24. thenextmartha

    Wow. 100 posts? I think I have 10. In six months. You know I don’t like to flood the market. Anyways congrats! I remember when I stumbled upon this many months ago. Loved it then and still do now. Get them points dear, it’s a good thing.

  25. One reason why I don’t comment on your blog as much as I’d like to: I get stuck reading through 48 of your comments that take an extra two hours (totally worth it), but by the time I get to the end, everyone else has already said all the funny, insightful, sweet, and endearing things that I wanted to say.

    So, just do this: Everything everyone ever says to you, times it by two and imagine it coming from me.

    Congrats on 100, old timer! Can’t wait to see you at 200.

    • I love your comments!

      They are delicious comments, and are wonderful no matter how many comments line up before them!

      But I will still imagine everything X2 coming from you.

      Which still does not sum up how lovely and wonderful you are.

  26. I have mentioned several times over on my blog that I need to start carrying confetti around with me. So that when I have one of my brilliant and accomplished moments? I can throw my own damn confetti in the air.

    You need to keep confetti in your pockets.

    Because you are all sorts of brilliant and accomplished.

    Congratulations on post #100!

  27. Happy centenary ! Hope you’ll be celebrating the next one soon!
    (and why don’t you get a point for each post?)

  28. Laura

    It’s so funny to read about people discovering you
    through blogoshpere. I was lucky to meet you in RL and have you in my “neighborhood” for a while. And while that is unlikely to happen again for a long time I still feel like Lori , my friend, is in my life everyday because of this blog.

    It’s funnier because you’re doubly hilarious and lively and bright in person. This just shows your inner brightness and beauty that is eclipsed by your beautiful smile and laugh.

  29. Congratulations on the milestone! Stuff did fall from the ceiling here…it may have been tile dust or drywall from my headache of a sunroom makeover. Oh well, let’s imagine. You know I love your blog. It’s different. It’s hilarious. I need the variety. Although I don’t get to leave a comment on every one (I try though), I read every one. Can’t wait to read the next 100. Should be fun!

    • I hope no drywall dust fell into that tasty lemonade I know you make…

      And dear, dear lady… you were the very first person to get excited about my blog. I remember reading that post your wrote absolutely stunned, saying to Himself…”Hey, LOOK! Someone likes it!”

      You were my first reason to jump up and down.

      Plus, you introduced me to Mandi, so extra good karma for you!

      You are lovely and wonderful, and don’t you ever worry about how much you comment. You comment just enough, and each one reminds me of how happy you made me, way back at post 20-something.

  30. I read this post, and a small, prairie dog marching band did not hot-foot across my screen playing “Seventy-six Trombones.”

    But everyone knows prairie dogs can’t play “Seventy-six Trombones.”

    Cats? Maybe.

    I’m sorry I’m fashionably late to the Lori Is Awesome party. I’ll try to be on-time come 200.

    • The prairie dogs ended up getting drunk and rowdy and made lewd remarks at the guests.

      So you’re probably better of without them.

      And their version of “Seventy Six Trombones” sounded suspiciously like a Klesmer band playing Ratt.

      The cats would have done such a better job.

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