I think I can…

Ok, let’s take stock of the weekend. Forward progress was made. I’m optimistic about getting into positive numbers.

Previous score: -5 points

  • Putting away tables, removing leaves of tables, putting chairs with the tables we bought them with: +5 points
  • Cat claw marks in the surface of the table we bought exactly one week ago: -3 points
  • Swiffering floor: +5 points
  • Abandoning floor before mopping: -2 points
  • Laundry still not yet folded: -3 points
  • Laundry still not yet sentient: +2 points
  • Putting away final party paraphernalia: +5 points
  • Needing a full week to accomplish this task: -1 point
  • Refrigerator currently devoid of science experiments: +5 points
  • Refrigerator currently devoid of foodstuffs: -3 points

Which brings us to a grand total of: +5 points!!!!

Positive numbers! Why, I do declare!

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