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Important Things

Yes, yes. Not to be missed things. 1. Have you entered to win the Mug yet? You have one more day. ONE. Support stroke prevention, win a mug. What on earth could be better? Go here. Leave a comment. Yes, … Continue reading


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How many points for that?

So you’ve finished hand-stamping your Christmas tags, have you? Or you’ve discovered yogurt in the back of the refrigerator from when 21 Jump Street was still on the air. Perhaps you’ve made a piñata in the shape of the Wicked Witch … Continue reading


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The Unwanted Guest

Dear Unrealistic Expectations, Forgive me for being rude, but I do not recall inviting you here. I’m not typically a huge stickler for this sort of thing, and I try to be ready for unexpected guests with a nice cold … Continue reading


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The After After

A little while ago we did a little project. That involved a massive dumpster, a team of 7 people, and four types of saws. Remember that? We ripped out a gift that the 80′s had left parked on our patio. … Continue reading


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The GUFP Part 6

For those of you who left birthday wishes to Himself, he responded to every single one of them. You are all lovely. Himself thinks so too. Here is the next installment of the GUFP. Which is the fiction piece I’ve … Continue reading


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The Par-Tay

Did anyone bring the minutes? What’s on the agenda? Is there any old business? No. Good. I hate old business. New business? Oh yes, there is a bit… First, thank you to everyone who wished Himself a happy birthday. He … Continue reading


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Fifty years ago today a person was born into the world. A person of deep humor and deep sensitivity. A person with a massive potential for love and a brilliant mind. I mentioned it was fifty years ago, right? (This … Continue reading


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The Evil Done by Cats

I used to do this feature as part of June Cleaver Nirvana’s Potluck. But potluck season is over, and it meant I had no weekly outlet to complain about the cats. Oh, I worked it in now again so it … Continue reading


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The Little Boy Who Waited

Manners. My child will learn manners. It was a mantra I said to myself long before pregnancy, childbirth or actual children of my own entered my life. But it was essential. And so when wee Child A was born, the … Continue reading


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