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Elvis Has Left the Building

Disclaimer: From a Before and After standpoint, this is going to suck. Because it’s more of a Before and Middle, and truthfully, the before looks so much better.  You’re going to look at the Before and After and tell me … Continue reading


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BioRhythms On a Triple Low

Disclaimer: There is whining here. Big, ugly whining that has very little to do with the pursuit of any points except the ones I get for actually making myself get out of bed today. So grab some cheese. And another … Continue reading


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The Project

Shrouded in secrecy. Cloaked in mystery. It requires a dumpster. A 20 X 17 foot drop box in fact. I am not allowed to put toxins, biohazards or dirt in the dumpster. City officials sure know how to take the … Continue reading


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Snark Bait

It’s everywhere. The ridiculous tai-chi mailman who can’t close my mailbox. I have a normal mailbox. It has no levers, pulleys, laser-sensors or key-pads. Every day that I find the mailbox open the temptation to remark on the mad tech … Continue reading


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Love and Funny: In Himself’s Words

A number of readers have remarked on the fact that Himself often comments on the blog. Although it is often to disagree with me, which of course is totally inappropriate, it is also often funny.  He’s actually funny with fair … Continue reading


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Here a Can, There a Can, Everywhere a Can-Can

There’s a big project brewing here. Big. Weeks in the planning. And although I know you believe this is simply a product of my tendency to use hyperbole, I’m not actually joking this time. Weeks of planning. And now, the … Continue reading


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Nimbus:1 Vet: 0

The following is a true story. Imagine a cocktail of future mother-in-law, an engagement party for 50 and a pair of puking cats. What would you call such a concoction? How about an “I Don’t Care What’s In It as … Continue reading


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Oh, the wrongness!

You’re looking at me funny. I know, it’s Thursday. I often don’t post on Thursday. I decided some random time ago that posting 4 days of the week and once on weekends was a good schedule. And Thursday became the … Continue reading


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You can’t take me anywhere!

Except you can. Really. I mind my manners. I almost never eat with the butter knife. I often know which fork to use. Only in the direst emergency do I use the tablecloth as a napkin. (And that time in … Continue reading


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A Tale of Two Dining Rooms

It was the best of design, it was the worst of design. THIS is what gets weird google searchers landing here. I should stop. We all know I won’t, but if I wanted to knock off with the bizarre search … Continue reading


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