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In Word and Deed

So I’m a writer now? When did it happen? When I started the blog? The first time I got paid? Was it buying the laptop for the express purpose of being able to write wherever and whenever I needed to? … Continue reading


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More Things I do Wrong

I run. And by “I run” I mean, a couple times a week I drag my lard-butt to a treadmill where I coerce myself into increasing the speed of the belt until I  have no choice but to move my … Continue reading


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Completely Unrelated

This does not in ANYWAY prove Cheryl’s point. This should NOT be construed as a concession of any kind. But for any of you who noticed the pretty tulip pictures from Saturday? This is what they look like now. That … Continue reading


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Like Cats and Dogs

In today’s installment of the “Keeping Lori from Losing her Ever-loving Mind” series, I am thrilled to host my very dear friend Cheryl from Mommy Pants. Cheryl and I shared an intimate coat moment when she came up this way … Continue reading


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RIP Mr. Sucky

Some people go through shoes quickly. Some people burn through smart phones. I am not one of those people. I  have clothes that I bought with my employee discount when I worked for JC Penney in college and I have … Continue reading


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