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If You Want A Job Done Right…

Many of you have asked for an update on the “Promoting Lori to the Queen of All Things” movement. And by “asked” I of course mean “with your eyes and your longing looks.” You know I’m a sucker for your … Continue reading


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News from IPoMP Land

So… *deep breath* So some of you may remember the story of the blog, and how I took this up as a hobby while I was puttering away at getting a home-business established. And you may have noticed that I … Continue reading


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No, I Don’t Come With Bubbles

People are always so disappointed when they meet me in person. I don’t have rainbow bubbles orbiting my head. I’ve tried. The ones you blow from soap have a half-life of about six seconds. Then you get soap droplets all … Continue reading


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How to Sell Your Child to the Gypsies

It’s important to be aware that there are procedures here that will ensure a smooth transaction as well as top dollar when it comes to finally selling your kids to a troupe of musically oriented nomadic Romanians. A haphazard approach … Continue reading


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Hey, You in the Fuzzy Red Bermudas!

Dear Santa, Now, first, let me say that I understand the unorthadox-ness of the post-Christmas missive. I know, I know, you’re all packed for the tropical holiday and you’re probably about as interested in more mail as I am in … Continue reading


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Life Under the Fridge

Or, How to Spend Your Last Day of Vacation Imagine you got a stocking stuffer. Yay! Happy happy! Presents are one of my favorite things. Seriously people, take notes. In the stocking, you find a little test tube with a … Continue reading


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A New List

I have to dispose of all my 2010 lists now. Woefully out-of-date. Obsolete. Much like my hair style and these leggings. Those old past-their-sell-by-date lists include things like: Become famous Become rich Write “Eat, Pray, Love.” Be regularly mistaken for … Continue reading


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