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Antlers All Around

Alright… Since I’ve got zero chance to win the Antler Competition (despite the UNCOMMON BRAVERY involved in the au natural photo) on my own – what with the cute kids doing their sneaky cute kid thing – I have a … Continue reading


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“Points-ettias!” Get it? Points! Poinsettias! I kill me. It is possible that the eggnog was flowin’ a little liberally here in Martha Points land in the wee hours of the afternoon. As I look at my statement here, I see … Continue reading


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The Pen is Mightier than the Santa

Here is a much different kind of flashback. I am seven. It is Christmas morning. The tradition when I was a child, and the one I implemented in my own household, was that Santa brought ONE present. One. My parents … Continue reading


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The Next Assault

Ok everyone. I have a plan. You knew it was just a matter of time, right? And whoever tried to call in an increase to my prescription? STOP HELPING! So let’s review. There is Too Much Merriment in the land … Continue reading


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It is Christmas of 2004. It has been several months since my husband of seventeen years and I decided to divorce. A few weeks prior, we sat in the living room of the house he still lived in with the … Continue reading


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My great-grandmother was still alive when I was little. I called her Nina. I called her that because that’s what my mother called her, and for many years I did not realize that that’s what she and my uncle called … Continue reading


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A Major Award

I may not win the major award cause I’m up against a really cute kid. Cute kids always win in holiday competition. I believe that is article 9 of the Constitution. But I couldn’t resist. KLZ asked for antlered photos. … Continue reading


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I should just move.

I said this wouldn’t happen. I said that she didn’t do anything extreme at Christmas. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong as a baby-t on Joan Rivers. Imagine the easement space in front of your house. You know, that … Continue reading


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Fa La La La Frak Frak Frak

It is done. It is currently in the garage. A seven-foot noble fir in all it’s sticky, sappy, pine-needled glory. It is in the garage because of a scheduling nightmare that is creating a reality wherein all five of my … Continue reading


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There was a package waiting for me yesterday when I got home. I am under strict orders from Himself to NOT open any package that arrives from Amazon. But this package was not from Amazon, it was a package from … Continue reading


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