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Starting 2011

How to Get A Great Start on a New Year – Organized Closets October 2009: Consider organizing the hall closet. April 2010: Remind yourself that you meant to organize the hall closet last year. June 2010: Lose a child, locate … Continue reading


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Little Umbrellas

I cleaned cupboards today. On vacation! Do I know how to live it up OR WHAT? Admit it. You wish you were me. Might I suggest that, if you do decide to be me, that you do something about this … Continue reading


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One Photo Three Ways – An ACTUAL Tutorial

When I say “An Actual Tutorial,” I believe this guarantees to a degree that would make bookies drool that there is no chance that this post will then ever be linked by anyone with any actual motives to TEACH SOMETHING. … Continue reading


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Christmas In Pictures


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Merry Christmas, or How I Can’t Count to 10

So the stockings were hung draped on the couch, and the children were nestled all snug in their beds arguing over the bathroom and basically all was good. In addition to amazing food, random silliness, and the hardest crossword puzzle in … Continue reading


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The Night Before Christmas – Bloggy Style

Twas the night before Christmas and all round the blog The writers were sleepy and full of the nog. The posts were all sitting on WordPress with care In hopes that an audience soon would be there. The smartphones were … Continue reading


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Practicing Safe Christmas

Before Himself and I moved in together, I lived in a wee apartment with Child A. Because it was so small, when Christmas rolled around I borrowed a small, artifical tree from my mom because it worked in the little … Continue reading


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Gumby vs. Pokey – Christmas Blog Swap

So a group of mondo-A-lister outrageously amazing bloggers decided to do Christmas Memory Blog Swap. And I totally conned them into letting me play! HA! Sadly there are  no Martha Points for sneakiness or trick-fakery. (Or, fake-trickery.) And since there … Continue reading


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What’s on YOUR list?

Credits Guitar: Himself Photo Credit: ba1969, stock.xchng Vocals: A certain blogger who’s really hoping that this earns her a few Martha Points.


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A Bread-Like Substance

I was going to Martha it up this weekend. I was going to Elf like it was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Claus left the liquor cabinet unlocked. Yes, “elf” is now a verb. Make a notation in your dictionary. To … Continue reading


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