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Points for Posts

So I’m sitting here at -7 Martha Points. I don’t even remember, now, what disasters I instigated that put me here. I hope they were entertaining. And what with the typhoid induced tuberculosis (anyone else having flashbacks here?) I’ve done … Continue reading


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How to Create a Black Hole

Do this: Take two bloggers (in this case, yours truly and Yuliya from She Suggests.) Seat them across a table from one another. Have them aim cameras at each other at the same time. Hit the shutter release. And then, … Continue reading


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Black Friday

I don’t do Black Friday. I worked retail (JC Penney and Macy’s) to put myself through college. I’m lucky I don’t have a nervous twitch and hiss at people who even think “ho ho ho.” But as anyone who has … Continue reading


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The Return of Martha

This was how this seven-day block was supposed to go: Last Friday night: take kids to Harry Potter opening. Stand in lines. Trade youngest child for popcorn. Scream at movie. This past weekend: Shop. Do early prep work on Thanksgiving … Continue reading


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Locate foot. Pull trigger.

Things are not looking so rosy here in Lori’s queendom. The ongoing lack of official recognition of the queendom by the UN continues to drive morale down, and the post office won’t even consider putting me on a stamp until … Continue reading


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A Break in the Case

So this is how this week went down. Monday: Virus [enter, stage left, masquerading  as a cold]: grrrrrr…. Me [casually tossing Tylenol at Virus]: Ehhh….shuddup. Tuesday: Virus [now in possession of 100 degree fever]: GrrrRRRRrrrrr…. Me [pelting Virus with ibuprofen]: Hey, I told you … Continue reading


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Delirium as Entertainment

I’m not able to write anything sensible as I’ve spent the last three days lying down and all the blood in my body has settled in my butt. But I did keep a notepad handy so I could write ridiculous, … Continue reading


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Or, call me Mary

I’m revising my diagnosis. It is the plague. ….run! In lieu of me being able to write anything worthwhile for you today, please go read my guest post over at Kludgy Mom wherein I discuss an international turkey crisis.


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Call me Hitchcock

So I am sick. Not like with the deathly typhoid induced leprosy I had earlier in the year. Just enough to feel like yuck and have zero energy. But that’s not where our story goes today. No. There’s trouble brewing … Continue reading


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Bitter Cold

I think I have a cold. I hate that. Not the having the cold. Although it’s true that I’m a big fan of breathing, smelling, and that I believe that NyQuil was an experiment by a bunch of rogue pharmacists … Continue reading


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