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Three Photos

As promised: From left to right we have: Draco, Harry, Rosmerta (seated), Harry Potter Movie Watcher, Hermione, Tonks, and Dumbledore/Chinese Santa Claus. Hiding in the back is one of our students, and I think she might have been McGonagall. But … Continue reading


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Today, a History Lesson. The subject: Yours Truly and Halloween. There will not be a test. Maybe. I really do love Halloween. I never go quite as crazy as I want to, because there’s only so much I can justify … Continue reading


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Pitiful Points

I haven’t been tracking the points for a while (-5 Martha points) because I’ve been a little distracted  by a few things. After the Situation Under the Refrigerator, I am humbly sitting at -2 Martha Points. The fundraiser (+10 Martha … Continue reading


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The Assault

I’ve been formulating a plan. It’s taken me a few weeks to work out the details, but I’ve finally got it. It’s going to take cunning, guile, and I’ll be honest. Not all of you are going to make it. … Continue reading


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Just call me Sybil.

That’s brilliant, isn’t it? I can barely get people to remember that I’m not called Martha. So that’s just what we need. More names. I, dear readers, am a study in contrasts. You could say I’m deep…conflicted. Torn between extremes … Continue reading


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Pinot and Points

Caution: The MPA (Martha Points Association of America) has rated the following blog post: So do a quick re-fi on the house and send the kids out to get popcorn. This weekend I went on a limo wine-tour. Despite having … Continue reading


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One week.

Have you ever noticed how when you lose someone that time slows down? You know that your heart will recover with the passing of the hours and days, but the hand on the clock seems mired and each minute is … Continue reading


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What Would Martha Do?

WWMD. People ask me about Martha. (Reminder: My name is not actually Martha. It’s Lori. Or, Gorgeous-Sweetiepie, if you’re feeling affectionate.) I don’t know Martha, I’ve never met her or been to a taping of a show. This is not … Continue reading


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Himself vs. The Evil Garage Door

Once upon a time, there was a single story suburban castle in a relatively nice village in a relatively nice kingdom. Inside the single story house lived a husband. He was the best husband in the world. He woke his … Continue reading


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Karma Points

I walk a very narrow karmic line. I have mentioned this before. My line is as wide the white lie about how fetching your outfit is. If I take home more than $5 in overpaid change from the grocery store, … Continue reading


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