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Today at work, a mom told a story about how her ten-year-old daughter deleted a video from her phone that the mom had surreptitiously taken of said daughter dancing. A colleague remarked, “Well I guess she had the right to … Continue reading


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Ask Not Martha – Your Points Questions Answered!

Hellloooooo Lovely Readers! (You should be hearing Julia Child when you read that. I realize that you might not actually hear Julia Child if I don’t tell you that you should, but that’s what I’m here for is to perform … Continue reading


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The state of the Lori

I am overwhelmed by my undercover operations where my outward self competes with my inside voice and tries to protect my family from overzealous overexposure. My overactive imagination forces my common sense underground so my overachiever tendencies can undermine my already … Continue reading


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Gone, Baby, Gone

First, make sure to check out Natalie’s story over at Project:Purse and Boots. Learn wow shiny sequins can enhance your fantasy life. Second, a loving thank you to Mama P over at Keeper of the Penguins for bestowing upon me … Continue reading


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No Thumb, Alter Ego

I’m typing minus a thumb. The thumb is still here. No zombies were involved, but I am pointing the finger (not a thumb) at a can of diced tomatoes that I think has made a deal with some dark force … Continue reading


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The Return of the Zombie Lightbulbs

Think back…waaaaayyyy back. Back to…ummm…lemme just check my calendar here…APRIL. Think ALL the way back to April. If you can remember back that far (and truly, I can’t remember how many bedrooms my house has from one day to the … Continue reading


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No Words Needed.

We’re home. But this is where we were. This post linked to Wordless Wednesday at Live and Love…Out Loud and Five Minutes for Mom.


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A Fishy Tale

 The second wonderful friend who came to my rescue was the beuatiful, the effervescent (ooh, Family Word!) Natalie from Mommy of A Monster (I mean toddler) and Infant Twins.  I am so very grateful that I am surrounded by such … Continue reading


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Before and…Before?

Thank heavens for friends. Himself and I are away. Yes, away! After some super-saver scrounging we got ourselves a few days alone. There is a hotel room on the coast with a fireplace with our names on it. (Not really. … Continue reading


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Ask Not-Martha, Part 1

Welcome, readers! Today In Pursuit of Martha Points is happy to present “Ask Not-Martha!” All your burning, “How many points would I get for that?” or “How many points do I lose for that?” questions answered! Because, honest to goodness, … Continue reading


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