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A Dialogue Betwixt You and Me

This not a real post. Today’s real post is at Taming Insanity’s Place. Go there and read about how NOT to ship a dog. Which, tragically, I know from personal experience. Me: I’m not posting today. You: Umm…Lori? This looks … Continue reading


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Quick! Read!

Project: Purse and Boots is on the BlogHer Home Page! Please go read and show your love of all things sequins and zebra-stribed. (Ok, you maybe don’t have to go quite that far with the love showing, just the reading.) … Continue reading


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There’s a smudge on your face.

First things First. Project: Purse and Boots is going to be renamed Project: Break Lori’s Heart. And I mean in the good way. The enthusiasm, creativity and universal support has made me cry in all sorts of wonderful ways. In … Continue reading


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No Opposable Thumbs!

This… THIS… THIS is why I need a door on my bathroom. PS – There actually IS a door, it’s just that the evil cat can open it. PPS – It’s an accordion door, he can’t as yet turn doorknobs. … Continue reading


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Clean versus Tidy

I remarked on Mindy‘s blog yesterday that I was good at tidy but bad at clean. In my house, things are often where they’re supposed to be, but there tends to be dust and cat hair. In contrast to a … Continue reading


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Writer’s Wednesday

Here’s Part 4 of the Great Untitled Fiction Piece (the GUFP).  Parts 1-3, if you missed them and are interested to catch up, is located here. -4- Do I start on first or do I start on second? Every once … Continue reading


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BloggyBootCamp San Francisco, and a Lesson in Imagination

I have, in the course of this blog of mine, been complimented many times on my photography. I have only been taking photographs purposefully for a short little while and there are lots of things I don’t yet understand. (And by … Continue reading


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People Made Real

Today is not my first blogging conference. Oh no. I have been around the blogging conference block. Specifically, I have been around the blogging conference block exactly once and afterwards couldn’t find where I parked. I have been around the … Continue reading


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Vegetation Meditation

I’m afraid of my vegetable bin. Everything has a breaking point. Everything has that fine line beyond which more cannot be taken. I believe I am well past this point with the vegetable bin. I swear by the holiest of … Continue reading


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Writer’s Wednesday # 3

Here’s the next installment of The Great Untitled Fiction Piece.  After the fumble last week where I failed to mention where the previous excerpts could be found, let me direct you. Here. Also remember that this is a work of … Continue reading


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